Denying The Devil

There are some Christians who are obsessed with the devil. Their lives are wrapped up in what he’s doing – not in what Jesus did. But frankly, they are in the minority. Most Christians I know don’t give satan a second thought. In fact, according to a Barna poll, the majority of people in the US who call themselves Christians do not believe in the devil or the Holy Spirit. It is to that I must speak.

I came to know Jesus by direct revelation. I was delivered from the world of the occult and demons because Jesus Himself appeared to me – or rather, He took me to Himself in heaven. I do not say that lightly – it is the absolute truth before God.

My battle to be free of demons was real. The confrontation to demand my full release was not a fantasy. And since that time nearly 32 years ago, that battle has continued in the lives God has brought to me to help deliver from their evil grip. They have made it clear, both in invisible action and visible confrontation, that if they could destroy me utterly, they would. They have tried, and only by God’s mercy, they have failed. But the battle has never ceased.

The Holy Spirit is a real Person. He has comforted and instructed me from the beginning. I dare not engage satanic forces without Jesus’ authority or the power of the Holy Spirit. After all, Jesus cast out demons – and commanded us to do the same.

We stand on the cusp of one of the greatest outpourings of demonic forces in history. And where does the church stand in this country? If the statistics are our indicator, then it appears we are powerless, denying that demons and the devil are even real – or if they are, so what? Just accentuate the positive.

Why should we be concerned? Because the occult is permeating everything around us: TV, movies, music, games, and education. Now, if you don’t believe in the Bible, or just the portions you like, you can stop reading now. But if you do believe in the whole Bible as God’s Word, then you understand that not only is all occult practice (little or big) forbidden, but also that the occult world is owned by demonic spirits, and that practicing the occult results in oppression and often demonization. That means that an increasing number of kids and adults who come to church have this influence. And we aren’t prepared to deal with it. Frankly, we don’t know how.

I have been fishing around the Internet lately in Christian “apologetic” groups. They seem to be made up of the same “like-minded” people who deny ritual abuse and the dangers of the occult, the same ones who have labored so diligently to silence the voices of those who sound the warning cry. Many of these people are the same ones who have, in effect, wiped out the playing field. With the exception of perhaps Neil Anderson, author of the Bondage Breakers, and a handful of tiny ministries, the standard that opposed occultism and its influence has been taken down and shredded. Call it a preemptive strike to ensure the church is powerless and helpless against what is coming.

I am not suggesting we should obsess over the devil. I certainly don’t. But ignore his plan at your own peril. (1 Peter 5:8)

It was common for the New Testament church and leaders to be confronted with demons and the occult. (Acts 8:18-24, Acts 14; 11-14, acts 16:16-18, etc.) Jesus said this would be part of our work. (Mark 16:17-18). If you truly live a Spirit-filled life, you will confront this. And if you minister to broken, addicted people, this may also be part of it.

Instead of equipping and preparing believers to do so, the new wave of Christian intellectuals and apologetic elitists are not only downplaying – sometimes even denying – the existence of the demonic kingdom, they are determined to minimize, criticize and dismiss anyone or anything that promotes the need for “spiritual warfare.”

If our battle, as Paul said, is not against flesh and blood, but against powers, principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places, (Eph. 6:12) then the war is not against philosophies, principles, and secular worldviews in high places. We are fighting an intelligent, invisible army. Even the Archangel Michael contended with their warlords. (Daniel 10:13) These real demons and princes of hell did not go away in the New Testament. They are firmly entrenched against us NOW.

And the tragedy is, their strategy has been to get believers to ignore them, deny their existence, dismiss their weapons and compromise our congregations with occultic cancers. And they have succeeded with barely a protest from the Christian world at large. Once the doors of compromise were opened through the media, music and literature and Christians stopped being concerned about Harry Potter, Halloween, Buffy, psychic hotlines and a host of other occult influences, we surrendered more territory than you can imagine. That’s why Wicca is the fastest growing religion among youth: We denied the seriousness of both occult powers and the need for God’s power in our lives, and the inherent recognition of the supernatural as real and needed by youth and in youth was dismissed – and a whole generation of kids began following the only options left to them – the occult, witchcraft and satanic practices.

In denying the reality of the devil and ignoring him, we’ve played into his hands perfectly. Because the devil, if you ignore him, will be as quiet as a church mouse. He won’t disturb your peace as long as you don’t disturb him. But if you once shine the light of truth on our compromises, you will see him as plain as day – and you will have his full attention. And you had better be armored to fight when you do.

Demonic armies are like spiritual “sleeper cells”- they are among us – hidden in our compromises, our false security and our powerless Christian walks. They avoid obvious “September 11” type strikes. All their poison is coated in honey. And they ridicule, along with those Christian intellectual elitists, anyone who says they are real, or try to expose them. We’re our own Tokyo Rose.

So what do we do? We must wake up adults and equip our youth and children. The greatest preparation we can give our kids is the Power of God and His Anointing to storm hell’s gates. We must teach them “not to be ignorant of satan’s devices”; we must give them basic bootcamp on the enemy’s ways. Then we must make them recognize the war for the lost and bound – that we are not called to be comfortable and happy, but each is called to the fight to redeem the lost.

We must make them know their purpose, and the Power of God to fulfill it. We must make them proactive, reactive, and scrappy little soldiers ready and willing to take the world on for Jesus and to defeat the “sleeper cells” of spiritual compromise in our midst and in the world.

We have a long way to go. To fail to try is to insure our defeat by default, and we will remain an emasculated and irrelevant social club rather than the mighty army God has called us to be.

Dr. Gregory Reid


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Between Conspiracy and Crime: Learning Lessons From The Past and Restrategizing for the Future


Conspiracy: A combination of men for an evil purpose; an agreement, between two or more persons, to commit a crime in concert, as treason; a plot.

It has been a long and slippery road since my first involvement in investigating and researching occult crimes in 1987. Everything seemed very simplistic then, and we had no want of information, crimes or cases to work on.

I have learned some difficult lessons since then, lessons that are vital for anyone seeking to do this work in the new Millennium.

No one in this field expected the massive backlash that began in 1989. Certainly, there were nay sayers and critics of our work; but the work spoke for itself. Det. Larry Jones of Boise ID PD released several years of monthly newsletters documenting – carefully, I must add – real satanic crime and activities. This unique law enforcement & professional publication was unprecedented in its subject matter and unchallenged in its information – fair, constitutionally protective of religious rights, and objective – its only challenge came from those who felt ANY investigative work in this field was bigotry and hate mongering. After the FIle 18 Newsletter mailing list was accessed, and addressees were sent letters threatening lawsuits, monitoring, hexes, curses, etc. if we didn’t watch our step and get all our facts straight, it was apparent that this was a taste of things to come.

But we were not really prepared for it when it did come. Most of us, by 1990, were already overloaded and nearing burnout. When it did come, it came in a Tsunami of criticism, ridicule, threatened lawsuits, and a massive media blitz designed to convince John Q. Public that all the “hoopla” about satanic crime was simply hype, false memories, “satanic panic” and “village folklore.” Before it was over, few of us would survive with our mission intact.

Those of us who remain – as well as those who had to leave the fight – know that what we were facing was a real and serious crime subculture. Except for the one or two who later came to believe it was “much ado about nothing”, my recent conversations with many of the “old guard” indicate that there has been no change in the core belief that we were engaging a stealth, and deadly, cancer that in the end, simply evaded and outwitted us. And still does. But what hasn’t changed is the belief that the need for ongoing training, intelligence and investigation into dangerous occult-related groups and individuals is still crucial.

Because satanic crime has left the media spotlight doesn’t mean it has gone away. Rather, it has simply gone unreported – sometimes unrecognized – and unfortunately, when it IS recognized and reported, the skeptics are scrambled into position to say it’s not satanic before you can say “pentagram.”

I don’t presume to know the motive of those who are so quick to jump on these events to “prove” it has nothing to do with satanism. What I do know is that it has made our job increasingly difficult. Because I truly believe we have merely seen a public lull in these events (it seems to be cyclical in the way it surfaces in the public eye) I believe it is imperative that we learn from the last fifteen years, see where we misstepped, see the bigger picture, and regroup in order to be ready when the next wave comes. I would like to see – both for the “old guard” and the “new kids on the block” – our efforts become bulletproof – or, at least, harder to penetrate.

Where We Went Wrong

1. Lack of unified information and networking.

One of the huge snags in our work was lack of coordinated effort. Information is everything – and far too often, we found that we simply lacked the unified network to relay information in a timely and uniform manner. Unfortunately, part of this was due to the provincialism and protectionism of some departments that simply did not want to share their intel with other departments outside their jurisdiction. And when information got the attention of the FBI, generally it went right into the “informational black hole” of that department, where information is known for going in, and never being seen again. And this leads to a second semi-related problem we faced:

2. One man shows and one-upmanship.

Occult crime was a “hot topic” at one time. Unfortunately, a number of people in law enforcement, professional groups and religious settings grabbed up some general information, added their own spin and took their show on the road as “occult experts.” ( We should always be extremely cautious of ANYONE who calls themselves an “expert” in this field. Experts don’t bill themselves that way if they are credible, in my opinion.) Then, these same “experts” began to bad-mouth other investigators and researchers – mainly, anyone who wasn’t them. Over and over, good cases went sour because one of these “experts” decided to hogtie the case themselves, excluding good and valuable individuals that could have been of immeasurable help. In these kinds of crimes, cooperation with others with expertise and coordinated effort is critical. More than a few times, we failed to make that happen. Whether people did this because they were looking for a “career-making case” or simply because of raw ego, I don’t know. But there is no room in this work for those who have to be the “star of the show”.

Along that line, I became aware in the mid 1990’s that we were starting to engage in a weird kind of occult “show and tell” in after-conference hours. I personally was subtly disinvited to one such meeting, where several officers and experts spent the evening bartering for the best occult crime slides and paraphernalia. I realized we had begun to lose the thread. A friend of mine said, “There is no limit to what a man can achieve as long as he doesn’t care who gets the credit.” If we don’t go in with that attitude, we’ve lost before we’ve begun. It is, after all, “not about us” – but about innocent lives being destroyed. There’s no room for grandstanding in this work.

3. One-course experts.

Admittedly, many of us came into this work naive and learning. And we had to learn fast how wide and vast the field was, and be willing to adjust, change and clarify as we went along. However, a number of people attended one or two cult crime classes and took off like a bat out of purgatory, billing themselves as experts and ruining a lot of good opportunities in the process. An associate of mine and I joked recently that one of the earmarks of a one-course experts is if they speak about “SA-TONIC” crime. Or if they still refer to Metallica as a devil-worshiping rock group. I’m trying to make light of a very serious problem, and that problem is that skeptics and “the other side” are watching every word we say and every step we publicly make, and we cannot give them any room for discounting us because our information is flaky, half-researched or borrowed from others. I am constantly researching, deleting some outdated elements of my training, asking questions, and updating my information. This is crucial to being relevant, factual and helpful in an already difficult area of work. We owe it to our audiences and classes to be as close to the mark as we can on what we present.

Which leads me to one of the most common criticisms of what we do: As one writer said, “These ‘experts’ are using the same old ‘signs and symbols of the occult’ that were presented as ‘danger signs of satanic crime’ a decade ago.”

I admit to being one of these people. While I have updated a lot of the signs and symbols I present, most of them remain the same for the simple reason that classic occultism rarely changes its symbology. Some of the symbols we use date back for centuries, some several centuries. Their meaning does not change, and when they continue to be found on crime scenes, the symbols remain relevant and pertinent.

3. Rumors, incorrect information and bad intel.

We probably shot ourselves in the foot more in this area than in any other. I understood from the get-go that having verifiable information was absolutely crucial. And I cringed as I attended workshops where the most outlandish stories were being put forth as truth, and no one challenged them. There were rumors of Halloween blond-hair, blue eyed 13 year old virgin girls that were going to be sacrificed. There were rumors of the president of Procter & Gamble being a satanist and saying so on Geraldo or Oprah. And those were the less absurd rumors. But they caught like wildfire and wasted a lot of valuable time in debunking them with the facts.

In addition, it took us some time to get up to speed on all the facts concerning satanism, wicca, and occult crime. Some were, in the beginning, equating Wicca and satanism as one and the same. They are not. Satanism involves worshiping satan (unless you are a wannabe LaVey styler who claims to only worship themselves). Wiccans worship a pantheon of pagan gods and goddesses. True satan worshipers believe in, and practice, blood sacrifice of animals and humans. Most Wiccans, whose creed is “harm none” do not believe in nor support such activities. Regardless of what you think about the spiritual dimensions and harmfulness of either practice, the fact is, the differences between satanism and Wicca are vast, and it was a huge mistake for some not to recognize and define those differences, throwing them both into the same “criminal mix”. Live and learn -the hard way.

4. The Conspiracy and Paranoia trap.

Perhaps one of the most destructive elements that crept into our ranks in the early 1990’s was the “conspiracy network.” Simply defined, it was a network of people who claimed there was a vast, international conspiracy or powerful and organized satanists bent on world domination. From these ranks grew a frightening paranoia, which resulted in their own “black list” – people who claimed to be on “our side” but were really infiltrators, satanists in disguise, illuminati members.

I looked at each claim as it came up. (I don’t discard any information up front, no matter how outlandish, until I’ve thoroughly checked it out.) What I found was disturbing and unsettling. At a time when credibility was an absolute necessity, people and groups were traversing the country accusing good people I knew were trustworthy of being “one of them”, making claims that were patently false, and making us all look like alien-abductee wackos. The damage this has done is still being measured and felt.

Having said that, I want to allude back to the original definition of “Conspiracy” at the top of this article:

A combination of men for an evil purpose; an

agreement, between two or more persons, to commit a crime in concert, as treason; a plot.

There is no question in my mind that to some degree, according to the above definition, a conspiracy does exist in the satanic underground. Fourteen years of experience have shown over and over, that during some of the most serious investigations into satanic networks, bigger hands have come into play – to close a case – to threaten the investigators – to smear someone’s character – to make evidence disappear. That clearly speaks to a conspiracy at some level, in some places, among some people in places of authority. And why should this surprise us? Drug cartels are a “conspiracy” – buying off people, murdering those who try to get out, greasing the palms of politicians. We can believe that kind of conspiracy reaches into the higher echelons of society where money and power are the only real currency. We can even believe – as is evidenced by the recent Catholic church scandal – that a conspiracy to silence victims, reassign pedophile priests and deny any culpability was clearly in operation at the top ranks of the church. But when you speak of ‘satanic conspiracy”, everyone discounts it as ludicrous. Unfortunately, those of us who are veterans in this field see evidence of it all the time. How far reaching it is – how deep it goes into the court system, political arena and intelligence community – I cannot say. But I would be a fool to say it is not there. But one can’t uncover something of this nature by making outlandish, unproveable claims and calling them truth.

If we are to succeed in our work in the next wave, we must be careful who we align ourselves with. I have seen some good investigators get sidetracked in this muck and ruin the good work they have done – one of them is now pursuing UFO’s at Area 51. They have hurt us. Others have aligned themselves with Militia groups who claim the entire US government is part of the plot and not to be trusted. It is vital to get distance from them as well.

The work we do is so crucial, and so sensitive, that we can ill-afford to misstep, or fail to learn from our mistakes. Because, of this I am certain – organized satanic crime as well as random satanic acts of crime not only will not go away – but they never went away. We have lost ground but we need not lose the war. Live in the past, as the Russian proverb says, lose an eye – forget the past, lose both eyes. It is my hope that in learning from that past that we can be fully equipped to deal with the next wave of satanic crime when it comes. And come it will.


Gregory R Reid, DD



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Harry Potter & The Christian

(Many thanks to Eva for this thoughtful, truthful and helpful article – GR.)

The immensely popular “Harry Potter” books have charmed our country. The problem is that even a lot of Christians don’t realize how spiritually dangerous these children’s books are. The author, J.K. Rowling, is highly credited with getting millions of kids hooked on reading. In fact, her books are widely used in schools for reading and class projects. The truth is that those who read the books may get hooked on a lot more than reading. It is ironic that 100 years ago in the U.S., reading and writing were taught from primers which had scripture from the Bible printed on them. These days, many teachers feel their jobs are in jeopardy if they even mention the Bible. However, the “Harry Potter” books are filled with magic spells, sorcery and talking to the dead. They are now acclaimed as the latest ultimate teaching tool by most educators and librarians. That’s a far cry from teaching young people out of the Bible which repeatedly warns against sorcery, to teaching them from a book which encourages it.

I know that we have freedom of speech and freedom of religion in our country. I am very grateful for those privileges. However, it poses a crisis of morality for Christians as they face how they will use their freedom to buy and read these books. Perhaps the biggest crisis comes as we decide how we will handle our children studying these books in school.

We cannot expect society and the education profession to know that God has said sorcery and witchcraft are wrong, but Christians are embracing these books, also. Many are buying the series and all the merchandise that goes along with the books as quickly as everyone else. With that in mind, here goes one mom’s little voice pointing out the fact that God detests witchcraft.

Sorcery and witchcraft have been a problem even way back in Old Testament times, and it is becoming more widespread once again. It seems witchcraft and other forms of occult “religions” have always gained a foothold in society every time God’s people turn more towards the world, instead of Him.

We as Christians are going along with the flow in accepting “Harry Potter” along with all the other movies and TV shows which glamorize occult themes. Children (and adults) who read these books are slowly being desensitized into thinking

that witchcraft and magic are okay. Before you laugh and shrug me off as just another mom on her soapbox, let’s see what God says about it in His word.

What Does God Say About “Harry”

I’ve had relatives, teachers and Christian friends (as well as my own children) ask “What could possibly be wrong with an innocent book about a little boy?”

Perhaps that’s one of the most dangerous things about the “Harry Potter” series. It seems as though it should be harmless since its in a book written for kids. If you aren’t familiar with the story, well get to that in a minute. Then perhaps you’ll see the danger.

In Deuteronomy 18:9-13, it says, ““When you enter the land which the Lord your God gives you, you shall not learn to imitate the detestable things of those nations. There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, one who uses divination, one who practices witchcraft, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, or one who casts a spell, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead. For whoever does these

things is detestable to the Lord; and because of these detestable things the Lord your God will drive them out before you. You shall be blameless before the Lord your God.”” It shows a complete lack of trust in God to depend on spells to conjure up the power we desire. It must be a huge insult to the One who made us and desires to guide us through this life, when we turn to others to tell us our future. Here’s what the Lord says in Isaiah 8:19, “”When they say to you, ‘Consult the mediums and the spiritists who whisper and mutter’,’ should not a people consult their God? Should they consult the dead on behalf of the living?””

There’s over 50 places I found in the Bible that tell how God feels about witchcraft, sorcery, magic, fortune telling and trying to talk to the dead for advice. There’s probably a lot more.

When faced with the dilemma of what to do about “Harry” and other occult-type movies, shows and memorabilia, go to the Bible for input on your decision. Better yet, sit down with your children and look together. Then you will both know that you need to make a choice based on Gods clear instructions on the subject.

Who Is “Harry”?

There will be seven books in the series, according to Ms. Rowling. Three books have been released at the time this was written. Apparently, the British single mom has already written the final chapter that will end the series, which is scheduled to be published in 2003. The author has said that the books will grow along with Harry as he discovers the opposite sex and begins to deal with even darker themes.

Warner Bros. has the rights to the movie along with all the merchandise, TV rights,cartoons, home videos and interactive games. It’s been said they will spend $45 million on special effects alone. The craze is bad now, but think of how prevalent it will be then.

In the first book, we find Harry orphaned as a baby. The evil wizard, Lord Voldemort has killed Harry’ parents who were a witch and a wizard. Lord Voldemort repeatedly fails at attempts to kill baby Harry, which leaves little Harry with a lightening bolt scar on his forehead. The infamous Lord Voldemort loses some of his power in the process, making Harry legendary in the world of the occult.

Some “good wizard forces” leave Harry on the London doorstep of his Aunt and Uncle who are Muggles (People who are oblivious to witches and wizards). For the next ten years Harry is treated horribly by his uncaring relatives which earns the reader’s sympathy.

When Harry turns eleven, he learns his true identity and enrolls in Hogwarts, the most famous boarding school for witchcraft and wizardry. Harry learns how to use his power and battles Lord Voldemort and seeks revenge upon his mean relatives.

These books have caused a “Pottermania” as people line up to get the latest release. Rowling’s book signings have gotten out of control across the country as children and parents line up dressed in wizard outfits. Schools, libraries and bookstores host “Harry Potter” parties complete with broomsticks and all the witch paraphernalia mentioned in the books.

What Should The Christian Do?

These books don’t just mention witchcraft, that’s the whole premise of the series. One of the perilous things about “Harry Potter” is that as he is drawn further and further into the world of the occult, and unwittingly- so is the reader. The Bible clearly and repeatedly states Gods detest of witchcraft and sorcery.

My heart has been broken as I have seen some sweet Christian children carry “Harry Potter” books to church. I was shocked once to walk into a Christian Hospital gift shop and see a major display of “Harry Potter” books, along with spell bags and broomsticks.

The first thing we need to do is educate ourselves, our children, and other Christians on what God says about witchcraft. In Hosea 4:6, the Lord tells us “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” That’s why I am compelled to write this article. God’s people need to know we are taking part of things God has repeatedly warned us against. We are encouraging our children in the very things we should be warning them against.

Our family decided together, after researching the Bible on witchcraft, to stay away from all forms of entertainment which glamorizes the occult. There’s a lot right now that’s specifically aimed at youth- “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch”, “Charmed”, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer ”as well as many cartoons and countless video games. Since then, we’ve faced with our hardest battle- how to handle “Harry Potter” at school.

It’s easier to control what is seen and read in the privacy of your own home.

Last year, one of our kids came home saying their whole English class would read “Harry Potter” together for a whole semester. There would also be class activities which would tie in with the book. Now our decision and our child’s decision had to become public.

My husband and I (and our children) are relatively quiet people. We don’t like to cause waves. Having read all that God had said about witchcraft, and having already made our decision to not take part in any of it, we couldn’t change our minds now.

As we sat around the dinner table, we discussed how to handle “Harry Potter” at school. One of our kids rolled their eyes up thinking, “Oh great, here goes my old-fashioned parents again!”

We quickly pointed out that God had given us the responsibility as parents to instruct our children in the way of the Lord. That was our job. We had to answer to our Lord. Some day it would be up to them to make their own decision if they would follow His ways or not. Then they would have to answer to Him for their own choices.

As we struggled with this issue, there was some ridicule and lack of understanding from family and friends, as well as some teachers. In the meantime, people have seen our child (and us) take a stand against

witchcraft and perhaps it’s been a witness for God. We’ve actually had to face this issuetwo years in a row with the same child. I’m sure we will again. I’m also certain many of you will, for “Harry Potter” is being taught in schools across the world. There are even interactive web sites for students and teachers to use in classrooms.

We wrote a letter to our child’s English teacher thanking them for teaching our child. Then we proceeded to explain why our child made the decision not to read “Harry Potter.” We told the teacher that we didn’t expect everyone to agree with us and that we realized how difficult it must be to teach such a wide variety of students in a public school. Then we offered to help our student with their own report at home or suggested they could go to the school library during that class. We sent the letter in a polite respectful manner explaining our beliefs, not condemning anyone for theirs.

Last year, the teachers let our child, along with several others who

felt the same way, wear headphones while reading another novel in the same classroom. There were a few problems. One

time, one of our child’s headphones wasn’t working. Upon hearing the “Harry Potter” reading above the music, our child adjusted the volume to cover the reading. The teacher reprimanded our child and the volume had to be turned down. Our student was exposed to things they didn’t wish to hear.

We prayed as parents and as a family for knowledge on how to handle the

situation. After discussion, our child decided to stay in the classroom unless there were problems with the headphones again. Then they would ask to go to the library. We made it through last year, and our child seemed to grow in strength from the Lord from standing up for God’s ways. When another student tauntingly asked, “Are you a Jesus Freak?” Our child, without hesitation, proudly said “Yes!” There seemed to be an air of respect from that point on.

Set Apart

This year, we are faced with the same exact dilemma (with another teacher),

except the whole room is completely filled with “Harry Potter” memorabilia. Once again, we are faced with how to handle this issue as Christians. This time our child will be completely surrounded by witchcraft trappings.

Sometimes it is tempting to take our kids out of public schools. We would put them in Christian schools if we could afford to put all our kids there. We even talked about home schooling. In many ways, it would be wonderful to have them in a sheltered Christian environment, but they need to learn to be the light of the world. You have to be in the world, not hiding, to light it up!

There also comes a time when it’s right to take an even stronger stand. It didn’t seem right for our child to sit day in and day out in a room that was a menagerie of witchcraft. This time, we talked to the administration, counselors and teachers. We decided the only solution was to take our child out of that class, but felt it was important that the school know why.

Again, I thank God that we live in a country where we have the right to take our child out of a class we don’t agree with.

This “Harry Potter-in-the-classroom” struggle is a prime opportunity to teach our children how we are in this world, yet we must be set apart from it. People need to see holiness in us. Yes, it’s hard to stand up and be different from the world. But that’s what Jesus calls us to do. Christians are to be the salt of the earth. Jesus warned us if we lose our saltiness, we are no longer valuable.

This year, when I realized we would have to face this battle again, I wearily said to our child, “This is one of those times it’s hard to be a Christian.”

My middle school child looked at me with confident determination, smiled and said, “Yes, it is,” knowing full well that we would face it together with the Lord.

This quiet, easy-going child of ours is growing into a strong Christian, knowing they can face anything with God’s help as long as they obey His will. Perhaps we will all learn something from “Harry Potter” at school after all!


Words from the Bible on witchcraft for you and your children:

Hosea 4:12 Malachi 3:5 Revelations 18:23

Revelations21:8 Galatians 5:19-21 Daniel 1:20

2 Kings 21:6 Acts 8:9-24 Acts 19:19

Leviticus 19:31 Leviticus 20:6 Isaiah 8:19

2 Kings 23:24 Isaiah 19:3 1 Samuel 28:5-20

1 Samuel 15:23 Numbers 24:1 Isaiah 65:11

Ezekiel 13:20 Revelations 22:15 Daniel 5:7-8

Daniel 2:1-4 Jeremiah 27:9-15 Isaiah 44:25

Exodus 7:6-12 Exodus 4:1-5 Genesis 30:27

Deuteronomy 18:9-13 Acts 16:16-18 Jeremiah 23:33-40


It seemed appropriate to add a very important message to those of you who have read “Harry Potter” books, or bought them for your children, or participated in any type of magic, sorcery, fortune telling, or mystical practices. I pray that God’s word cut through your heart as it did mine concerning these sins.  The good news is that even though God hates these things, He loves you! He wants the very best for you. He is offering you a fresh new start. All you have to do is tell Him you’re sorry for doing things which offend Him. Ask Him to help you live a pure and holy life. He will. He’s already sent Jesus to take the blame for all we’ve done. He even sends Jesus to live in our hearts to give us more power than we could ever dream. No chants or spells are required!

Parents, as you lead your little “Harry Potter” fans through the Bible study and they realize that they have sinned, please share this message of hope with your precious children.

Eva Juliuson

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Harry Potter

On the heels of the riotous release of the new Harry Potter book, Harry

Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and the yet to be confirmed opinion by a major

ministry that the Harry Potter series is harmless, I have felt it necessary to

write my own comments on this issue. Many parents will not like it. Neither will

some pastors. Please do NOT ask me if I care. Right now I am so angry at the

level of compromise I am encountering among believers on occult matters that I

am not interested in popular opinion. I am just interested in truth as I have come

to understand it, according to the flawless, perfect Word of God. If you don’t

like that, don’t read this. I did not survive and live to be a relatively healthy,

intact adult after suffering horrific abuse, by “ac-centuating the positive and

e-liminating the negative.” When I became a follower of Jesus thirty one years

ago today as I write this, I was a wounded, bleeding mess. No psychology could

have healed me. I’d already been judged as “the most messed up person I have

ever met” by one psychologist I sought help from at 17. No, I survived purely

because of one Book – and I devoured it like a starving man. My first Bible was

tattered in a year, every line highlighted, the margins filled with notes. No one

will ever know what that Book has meant to me. Knowing the Author has made

every word alive to me.


So what does that have to do with Harry Potter? For the believer,

everything. I find it unfortunate and heartbreaking that I am having to go over

basic, simple truth regarding the occult for believers, because they are not

being told – much less taught – the truth, and it is continually being blocked at a

pulpit level. I’ve sounded the alarm about this for years. Now, perhaps, I can

help you see the result of Biblically ignorant believers and blatant disregard for

God’s opinion on the occult. Now we have druids and British pastors meeting to

“dialogue” and find common ground. Now, we have believers slithering like snakes

in church and even sounding like pigs. I am not making this up: They have the

audacity to call it the “anoinking of the Spirit.” THIS is what results from no

real clear teaching on what is of God and what is of the occult.


Now, we have Pokemon and Harry Potter, and who cares? It’s harmless,

right? Just some cards. Just a fairy tale book with GREAT lessons about

good vs. evil, where good always wins! Isn’t that positive for kids, doesn’t it

teach kids to love books? To love reading?


Listen, I know a GREAT book that teaches both WITHOUT witchcraft! But

then, if the parents think it’s so boring and useless that they only read it in

church, and don’t bother reading it to their kids, how can you expect kids to

either love it or learn from it? I’m talking about the Bible of course. And I fully

believe that communicated well, the Bible is flat-out the most interesting,

powerful book in the universe. And unlike Harry Potter, it’s TRUE.


As to teaching kids to love reading, I know plenty of satanist kids who are

profoundly addicted to both reading and learning – from books on the Black

Arts. Better an ignorant teen who loves Jesus than a killer satanist who loves

to learn and has a through-the-roof IQ, don’t you think? And no, this is not a

plea for raising stupid kids. But love of reading and learning is not a virtue in

itself. In God’s hands, it is a gift, though it is not the sainted all-important goal

modern Americans think; in the devil’s hands, it is a weapon; it becomes the tree

of knowledge of good and evil. Love of reading is certainly not evil. Kids

NEED to read. But it is NO guarantee of moral character. Ayn Rand –

Voltaire – Lenin – brilliant readers and writers all – and totally godless,

antichristian influences in their day. I mention this so I can knock down the

ridiculous notion that Harry Potter is good because it teaches kids to love



In my line of work, when you leave the “spiritual” element out of things, there

is in fact a huge difference, for example, between Harry Potter, the Satanic

Bible, and on a more extreme level, H.P. Lovecraft’s satanic ritual book, The

Necronomicon. Harry Potter is not likely to snap some child’s mind and make

him a psychopathic killer. The Necronomicon, a purely evil, incendiary and

demonic book, could. Believe me, I understand the difference. A kid with a

pocket full of Pokemon and wall covered with Potter paraphernalia would

probably not qualify for me as someone who needed immediate crisis

intervention. On the other hand, a kid with black walls and skulls and razors and

clueless parents who stay out of his room so as not to violate his “privacy”,

would qualify.


When you consider the spiritual aspect, however, all of this takes on an

entirely different dimension. The difference between The Necronomicon, for

example, and Harry Potter is the difference between toxic death and subtle



I have a dear relative who experienced slow, gradual arsenic poisoning. It was

so gradual in fact, that she nearly died from it before she realized what had

happened and who was behind it.


Harry Potter is just such a poison. What is the harm of Harry Potter?

Just that it makes magick attractive, exciting, enticing. Kids look at THAT –

and then they look at their own faith and that of the people in church, and

oftentimes what they see is that the God of the Christians is presented as

powerless, someone who is far removed from us and has no authority over evil.

I have never known that God. My God is FULL of power – but many kids

know ONLY that misrepresentation.


Then they look at Harry Potter, and they compare “faiths” – which one do

YOU think they are going to be drawn to?


And it is not so much that Harry Potter is the problem. People have

ALWAYS written spiritual pornography. (That’s what it is.) It is that believers

refuse to take a stand against it, rather compromising with it because “all the

other kids read it.” Well, if you want YOUR kids to be all the other kids, then

that’s what you’ll have. But if you understand how strong the prohibition

against witchcraft is in the Bible, allowing your kids to indulge the Potter

madness is not an option.


Listen to the Word of the Lord:


“Suffer not a witch to live” (Exodus 22:18) And no, I am not suggesting

this as a way to eliminate the problem with witchcraft in our country. It was

something Israel had to do to protect their covenant and their country. But just

because we’re in New Testament times doesn’t mean since we don’t kill ’em

therefore we just let ’em in for dinner. Which is quite literally what you do

when you let Mr. Potter in the door. Now go ahead and call that extreme. But I

didn’t write the Bible. I’m just TELLING you what it says. You can twist it any

way you please to make it say what you want it to. But if you claim to follow

Jesus then understand that acceptance of witchcraft or the occult in any way

shape or form, whether through Potter or the little Astrology bit you just can’t

resist reading in the paper, it is FORBIDDEN and it is POISON. “But”,

someone says, “It’s FANTASY! Don’t you know the difference between real

witchcraft and fantasy for children?” Uh, don’t YOU know the difference

between real sex and pornography? Pornography is more dangerous in the long

run because it blurs the line between reality and FANTASY. Potter is

SPIRITUAL PORNOGRAPHY. And as even mass murderer Ted Bundy

admitted before he was executed what a HUGE role pornography played in

him actually acting OUT the despicable crimes he would later commit, fantasy

books on magick are just as deadly because they ALSO blur the line between

fantasy and reality. The argument that because it’s “fantasy” it is not

“dangerous” is ludicrous.


Now. The next argument is, “It’s not witchcraft like the Bible says. Harry

Potter is a sorcerer.” (Please refer to previous articles on Christians who

have no idea what the occult is.) The New King James reads: “Do not allow a

sorceress to live.”Witchcraft and sorcery are exactly the same thing.


Another key scripture:


“And (Manasseh) caused his sons to pass through the fire…he practiced

soothsaying (telling the future – psychic hotline mean anything to you?) , used

witchcraft and sorcery, and consulted mediums (psychics) and spiritists (those

who talk to the dead.) He did much evil in the sight of the Lord, to provoke

Him to anger.”


“But I don’t do those things!”, someone protests. Well Harry does it all. So

maybe you’re just a “Potter enabler.”


Nahum 3:4 calls this activity spiritual adultery.


Before I hear something about us being in the New Testament under grace,

let’s read Galatians 5:19-20: “Now the works of the flesh are evident, which

are these…witchcraft…” etc. There are dozens of similar passages. Paul

actually encountered a Harry Potter wannabe, who followed them around like

a town crier, saying, “Listen to these men, they show you the way to God!” I

imagine some Christians, who can’t tell the Holy Spirit from a demon spirit,

and who don’t know the truth of the scripture from the deception of the world

through the media, would have said, “Wow, she’s really supportive of Paul!”

But if you read the “original Greek” (I love that phrase, it makes me feel like

I’m back in Bible School!) she is actually saying, “They show you A way to

God!” The devil is very sneaky, and he can fool a lot of people who don’t

understand how fine edged the truth is, discerning between soul and spirit, bone

and marrow. The Bible doesn’t say there are WAYS to God: Just one. “I am

the Way, the Truth and the Life: No one comes to the Father but by Me”,

Jesus said, and Acts tells us that “There is NO OTHER NAME under heaven,

given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Paul of course, knowing the

truth and full of the REAL Spirit, turned around and rebuked the spirit in her,

which came out screaming I imagine. And the result was, she got saved, and a

bunch of big businessmen using her occult talents to get rich got

UNEMPLOYED! When the occult demon left her, she had no powers left! Isn’t

that great?



Did you know that J.K. Rowling, author of Harry Potter, is projected to

make $100 MILLION DOLLARS off of the latest Potter book, Goblet of

Fire”? You better believe that the occult is big business, from Potter to

Sabrina, from Marilyn Manson to the Psychic Hotlines. And I am not

endearing myself with the world, nor with very many believers, in taking such a

hard line against such an “innocent” story. Listen folks: I have a right to say

this, most of the skeptics don’t. I paid a price for 7 years of deep occult

involvement, lured in part by “innocent” games like “light as a feather”, Gong

Hee Fot Choy, Jeanne Dixon’s astrology column, and other “harmless” things.

And it has left scars that are deep and permanent. (Not wounds, thank God –

God heals those. The scars do remain.) So please don’t tell me I am an

extremist. First of all, I didn’t shoot the dog. I’m just reporting God’s opinion to

you, and it’s up to you if you want to ignore it because you don’t like it, or

obey it because He said it. Secondly, you are hearing from a man who nearly

lost his life because of involvement in escalating occult activities that started

out with “Potter-type” stuff. And I am a voice crying in the wilderness against

our complacent compromise. Why? Because while we are talking cutesy about

this WONDERFUL book series that makes kids want to read, I am wondering

what the results will be from a satanic rock band that recently came to Dallas

and convinced 5,000 kids to get on their knees in a mockery of the Christian

altar call and give their lives to satan! And you wonder why I am so extreme.

Sheesh. You do the math.

No – kids who read Harry Potter won’t automatically become devil

worshippers. But EVERY kid who reads it will open up the door of their mind –

some a little, some a lot – to the whispers, influences and lies of demonic

spirits. That’s just spiritual fact. Get angry at me if you must – if I’m wrong,

well, then by all means, buy them all and read them with your kids – after all, it

IS a terrific read. But if I am right – don’t call me down the road when your

kids starts participating in a Wiccan group and you are upset because you

don’t know where you went wrong, having raised them in church and all that.

Now’s your best chance to say, “I’ve had enough of the compromise. No more

Potter, no more Pokemon, no more Halloween, no more R rated movies (ouch!)

and no more contamination in my house.”


“But my kids are bored with God!” That’s not His fault. Do you really think

a good antidote to God- boredom is an immersion in Potter mania? If you want

your kids to get on fire, not with Potter’s Goblet but with truth, then get into

the Book of Acts, read it, believe it, live it, and walk it, and get kids to do the

same. There’s more supernatural in that book than a hundred books JK Rowlings

might be yet to write. It’s the REAL power. And if you think “God doesn’t do

miracles anymore” then I truly feel sorry for you, because the Devil knows

differently, and as long as he can convince believers that he has more power

today than God, then he can continue to devour our youth into the black hole

of occultism.


As for me, I’m going to walk in the might of who God really is. I trust you

will do the same, dispense with this silly and dangerous compromise and become

the true warriors God has called us to be.


Dr. Gregory R Reid


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The Occult Nightmare


Y’know what the problem is? The occult is fun

and fascinating. Plus, it’s sort of acceptable; I

mean, a lot of adults read their horoscope and

watch Sightings and even call the Psychic hotline.


That’s what makes it so hard to resist. It’s fun

for a while to do, and even to be “evil”, y’know?

I mean, dressing in black, looking sinister is a good

way to scare people, freak out your parents, and

assert yourself and your “identity.”


Here’s the big problem. There’s more to it than

you know. I know what I’m talking about.


I was born to do that stuff. And I was good at

it. It was part of my “training” to eventually

become a sorcerer as part of a powerful satanic



Before I was ten, I could leave my body at

night, make clay figures that came alive in the

darkness, and could make the Ouija board work by

myself. I had already gone through “initiations”

including satanic ceremonies, getting gang raped and

even seeing someone die. They called on demons to

be with me, and they were with me all the time,

though I was too young to know what they were.

All I knew is that I felt special…important.

Plus I scared people with what I could do, and

that really made me feel powerful, y’know?

Especially scaring off all the jerks at school

that used to pick on me. Not anymore!


By the time I was fourteen I had broken all

my own promises not to do black magick, and I was

losing control. The “spirits” I used to “control”

were now evil entities who were controlling me. I

could feel them peering out from behind my own



I was addicted, as much as any drug addict. I

had to have more “power”, but the more I got,

the less I was “me” and the more this “other”

took over. When I cursed someone and they died

that night, I knew I was beyond hope. I

belonged to the devil now, and even if I wanted

out, I couldn’t get out. It was too late for me.


Something started to happen, though. I

hitchhiked to get around, and I kept getting picked

up by religious freaks. Telling me Jesus loved me,

which I really thought was a lie, and even if He

was real, He couldn’t ever love an evil low-life

kid like me.


One of them gave me a book that completely

fried me, that told about God being able to love

the worst, and a God who actually was powerful.

I never heard that in church! It made me angry.

And I didn’t want to hear that ANYONE, much

less Jesus, loved me.

Somehow I ended up at this guy’s house one

night with a room full of Christians. They weren’t

like the uncaring, dead church people I

remember. They were full of love and laughter

and it totally shocked me. And I felt POWER in

that room, so strong it make me shake all over.

It wasn’t ANYTHING like the power I felt on

the Dark Side! I sat by the door so I could run

out quick. But something glued me to the floor.

For the first time, I felt pure light coming up

against the pure darkness in me. I wanted to cry

but I was scared to death, I felt so evil, and

I’d been so abused and felt like such trash.

When the guy asked if anyone wanted to ask Jesus

into their hearts and forgive their sins, I wanted

so bad to do it, and I knew if I didn’t it was my

last chance. I knew if I walked out of that

room, I would belong to them forever and would

be forced to fulfill my satanic destiny, which I

knew would eventually end in my own death. But I

couldn’t raise my hand, as if a claw had grabbed

my arm and said, “YOU WILL NOT!!!” Suddenly

it broke, and I raised my hand, and it was like

grabbing hold of a lightning bolt!!! Suddenly waves

of Power and Love and Life washed down on me,

and I started crying like a baby! I hadn’t cried

for years! I was laughing, crying and higher than



It took a while after that to give everything up.

I still felt some of it was okay. Then one of my

recruits called on Satan when we were doing stuff

out in the night, and Satan actually spoke, and we

were all so terrified, I knew something was really

wrong. We had one more Ouija session, and when I

demanded the truth, it told me its source was

satan. That was it for me. I’d been lied to for

almost eight years! I went home and burned

everything, and never went back. Demons showed up

a lot threatening me that if I didn’t come back,

they’d destroy me. Well, I didn’t and they

couldn’t. Why would I want to trade the Power

of God for a cheap imitation from a sore loser

like Lucifer? No way – not ever.


I’m writing this so you’ll know. I’ve been to a

lot of funerals of kids who got into magick

thinking it was harmless and it ended up killing

them. I don’t want the same thing to happen to

you. Think about it. It’s not about religion. And

it’s as easy as saying, “Jesus, please help me. I

know I’ve sinned and I need your forgiveness,

please come into my heart and drive satan out, and

make me the person You want me to be.” He will

if you ask; and believe me, the power, and the

purpose and DESTINY you can have is better

than all the poser stuff the occult offers you.


I got out of the nightmare, and I hope you do



From someone who’s been there…..


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The Halloween Compromise

I do not, I cannot compromise on the issue of Halloween. And I am

genuinely stunned at the extent to which most Christians do. I know

many godly, wonderful Christians who are Christlike in nearly every way

in their lives – but mention Halloween, and you can see the stronghold.

And it is a stronghold in the church. It is Achan’s idol hiding in our tent,

and we have got to confront it.


First of all, what is Halloween? It is a pagan holiday. It is a Druid

celebration of the dead. Samhain – or Saman – the druid Lord of the

Dead – is given his worship on this night. That’s why even today, from

Halloween movie marathons on TV to children’s costumes, the

predominant themes are death, ghosts, devils and demons. Bobbing for

apples was originally a form of Celtic divination concerning marriage.

Masks and costumes were donned to represent the dead, ghosts and

“goblins.” (Demons.) Food was left outside of homes to appease the

dead who might come by, a “treat” left in hopes that the dead will not

play “tricks” on the residents inside. Get the picture?


If you were ignorant of these facts, now you know the truth, and now

you are responsible for that truth. No more can you say that you didn’t

know. No more can you say it is simply a fun time for kids, nothing

more, or pretend that it has nothing to do with the occult. It has

everything to do with the occult! It is in fact Satan’s most prized

holiday, and it is his coup d’etat over Christians who participate in it!

And in God’s eyes, it is no different than celebrating Hitler’s birthday,

or dressing up our children in little Nazi uniforms, justifying it because

the kids are having fun. Do you think this position is extreme? Not at

all. I work in a field where Halloween is the most important, pivotal

and celebrated date on the satanic calendar, a time when children are

abused horribly and sometimes even slaughtered in the ancient Druid

Samhain tradition we call Halloween!


To be honest, even “Harvest Festivals” at churches make me uneasy,

especially when “alternative costumes” are worn. The only costume this

date deserves from believers is sackcloth, the only recognition of it a

time of solemn prayer!


Knowing that this is an evil, ancient bloody celebration of demons

and all things of the occult, a night when satan’s kingdom revels and

the doors of hell open wide, can you give even one good excuse to

participate? Or to pass our children through this unholy fire in the name

of “fun”? I am afraid that any argument is just a justification of our own

spiritual cowardice in refusing to confront Halloween for what it really



The excuses are many, but the one most prevalent is that we don’t

want our kids to feel different or “left out.” Yet I doubt you would have

any problem at all keeping your teen from going to a beer bust, even

though it might make him feel “different” and “left out”. Since do we

feel Halloween is so important that we’d rather our kids participate than

to be seen as “different”? When did we forget that we are to raise our

kids to be different, separated from the things of the world? Why do we

insist on our kids being drug free, abstinent, a good Christian example,

yet Halloween is scratched off of our list of ungodly activities?


I can only surmise that it is a special spiritual blindness that has to

be one of satan’s special triumphs. Satan doesn’t care if you dress as a

devil or a saint. But he demands that you recognize this day. And if you

do, you give him the power he craves, and if you are a believer, you

give him the mockery of believers he delights in.


I know “Harvest Parties” are seen as a good alternative. I concede

that if it is for the purposes of EVANGELISM, and an outreach, not a

“party” then it can be a powerful tool. But if it is not that, is not is it just

a subtle compromise? I mean, why do we NEED an alternative at all,

EXCEPT for the purpose of evangelism or prayer, especially one that

fairly mirrors the worldly Halloween activities? How can you put a holy

face on a night that is rooted in evil, that has its history in evil, that is

to this DAY evil and “sacred” to those who have sworn their hatred to

the Christ we claim to love? What message are we sending our

children? Is it not, at the least, that is okay to compromise if you have a

good justification to do so?


Do you want an alternative? Then how about a Halloween night

prayer meeting to confront the wicked forces that are undeniably

unleashed that night, to pray for the protection of our little ones and the

tearing down of satan’s kingdom? What about a special speaker on the

dangers of the occult? Have a band for the kids, or better, an

educational time to tell them WHY the occult and Halloween are wrong.

That way, we won’t stand before God having to explain why we deemed

it more important not to rob our kids of “harmless fun” than to put

spiritual backbones and warrior’s hearts into our most treasured



Harsh? Make you uncomfortable? Good. Take the blinders off, then.

Get honest: Why are you protective of this evil celebration? Are you

afraid of being seen as a fanatic, extremist, afraid you will be made fun

of? Of such hearts strong disciples of the Crucified Christ cannot be



Are you afraid, parent, that your child will feel separated, different?

And if you allow this compromise, how then will your child fare when he

is ridiculed because he won’t smoke, drink or take drugs, when your

daughter is rejected, teased and taunted for maintaining her purity? A

little leaven leavens the whole loaf, Jesus said. Bend to the Halloween

god, well, then the next compromise will be so much easier.


Are you afraid, pastor, that you must maintain some form of the

Halloween tradition, because so many of your people insist that it is

harmless, and that if you draw the line, you risk their disapproval? Is

that not Saul, who disobeyed God because “he feared the people”?

Surely we of all people must set the standard for the people, not the

other way, even if we risk their anger, their ridicule, and even their

withdrawal of support.


It is hard to write this because it is offensive, but harder still because

I feel “another presence” breathing behind me who is fairly screaming

that I dare not expose this unholy compromise. It is HIS day and he

wants it to remain in the church. And the anger I feel from this presence

convinces me that I am right.


I have told you the truth. My deepest prayer is that all who read this

will abandon Halloween altogether, in any form of recognition, blatant

or “sanitized”, and boycott this compromise completely, not in spite of

our kids, but because of them, because we love them and we love the

truth more than our own lives. Believe me, our kids won’t die if they

don’t trick or treat and dress up. And no, letting them won’t kill them;

but they will be the weaker for it; and it will be impossible to explain on

That Day why we who were sworn to the truth of God’s Word allowed our

little ones to celebrate the day of worship to satan, demons and every

unholy, unclean thing.


Halloween is the whitewashed Baal we have placed on God’s Altar.

May God give all of those who read this the courageous heart of Josiah

who did not rest until every idol was destroyed.


Dr. Gregory R Reid

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The Da Vinci Code


Right now we are on the edge of the Da Vinci Code movie has been released, and it’s  doing a lot of damage and becoming a focus point for attacks on the church and the Word of God. The movie, based on the book written by Dan Brown, is  spiritually hurting a lot of people, especially weak, ungrounded Christians.

I read the book a few years ago. The basic plot: Someone discovered an ancient conspiratorial plot by women-hating, patriarchal Catholic priests going back to Constantine who covered up the “truth” – that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, and that Jesus’ descendants went on to live in France, etc. etc. A laughable story if so many gullible people didn’t believe it. It’s sad to hear of many Christians who believe the book is true because Brown stated in the foreword that the book was “based on historical facts.” What he of course does not say is that he took a few historical facts (he doesn’t tell you which ones) and builds a huge fictional fabrication out of it. And in my research so far I’ve learned that even basic stuff in the book turns out to be not accurate. Regardless, people are buying – and buying into – this rot, and are now going out and buying Brown’s other books, without even giving thought to the fact that Brown has a very specific feminist, pagan, anti-church and anti-Christian worldview and agenda.

I’m not surprised by the popularity of these kinds of books and movies in our post-Christian western world. What scares me is the number of believers who are being influenced and taken in by these lies. Even before the movie (probably in preparation for it) news has come of the discovery of part of an old manuscript – the Gospel of Judas! Everyone acts like it’s revelation. It’s not. In fact, there were over 300 manuscripts called “Gnostic gospels” that are out there, and have been known for centuries – completely rejected by those who were compiling the scriptures we now hold – not because these men were trying to “oppress women and bury the real truth about Jesus” but because these so-called gospels were GARBAGE and CLEARLY not God-breathed.

A lot of this is like deja-vu all over again for me, for as a young occultist, one of these so-called Gospels, the “Gospel of Thomas”, was required reading in the occult world! And I thought it was ridiculous even then, even when I was practicing the occult! I easily recognized it as bad literature and clearly not “inspired”. But today it’s sparking the interest of many people, including believers, who wonder if maybe we missed a book or two when we compiled the Bible!

Anyone who has a basic working knowledge of the scriptures and has even a limited relationship with Jesus can read the Gnostic gospels and see and feel the difference between them and the God-breathed Word. Here’s a couple of samples from one of the Gnostic Gospels: “They asked Jesus, ‘Why do you love her (Mary Magdalene) more than us?’ The savior answered, saying to them, ‘Why do I not love her like you? If a blind man and one who sees are together in darkness, they are the same. When light comes, the one who sees will see light. The blind man stays in darkness.'” (Huh?!? – GR.) And this one: “God is a dyer. The good dyes, true dyes, dissolve into dyes dyed in them. So too for things god has dyed, his dyes are imperishable because of their colors. What God dips, he dips in water.” (WHAT?!? – GR.)

And it gets not just more ludicrous and incomprehensible, but more dangerous. Here’s a quote from the Gospel of Philip: “God created humanity; but now human beings create God. This is the way it is in the world – human beings make gods, and worship their creation. It would be appropriate for the gods to worship human beings!”

Such is the substance of the worldview of Dan Brown and the modern Gnostics. Gnosticism, by the way, is old enough to be referenced by Jesus in Revelation (see references to the doctrine of the Nicolaitines) as well as John the Beloved:

” Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God: And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.” (I John 4:2,3) The Gnostics believe Jesus was a spirit, nothing more: He did not resurrect; he had not “come in the flesh.” This revival of old Gnosticism is truly making the way for the antichrist, just as John said.

As for the “Gospel of Judas”, as I told someone, it’s unlikely Judas wrote it as he killed himself the day Jesus was crucified, and it’s extremely difficult for a dead person to write a book. Even the phenomenon of the “Gnostic Gospels” which were clearly not written by Peter, Mary, Judas or whoever, seems to have had a start in Paul’s day when he said:

That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand. (2Th 2:2)

Apparently, even then, people were using the apostle’s names on their own fraudulent or heretical documents!

Again, if you read the ridiculous, confusing and totally scripturally contrary nature of the Gnostic gospels, you will see that it has nothing in common with the power, the authority and TRUTH of the scriptures we hold. So there is nothing to fear in them.

But the Gospel according to Dan Brown is a dangerous thing, indeed – partly because we have a generation of untrained believers who have been fed nothing but a diet of Bible crumbs on powerpoint that do not know the scriptures, and have not walked and worked and ministered in the AUTHORITY of the scriptures, and who are easy prey for the lies that Brown and others are bringing in.

This new wave is a demonic “John the Baptist” that is “preparing the way” for this coming antichrist new world order and one world religion. Christians who believe the Word of God and in the exclusive claims of Jesus as the only way to God are going to be seen as divisive cancers on the body politic of the one world government and religion. This new one world religion believes, according to the Parliament of World Religions, that:

– No one religion is superior to another

– Doctrines should be viewed as subjective paths that need revision rather than inflexible truths

– Proselytizing should be forbidden

– The most important pursuit is one that seeks a religious experience defined according to personal taste and inclination (Sounds like the seeker-friendly, “emerging church” to me – GR)

You can see where all this is going, can’t you? But when I was at Barnes and Nobles the other night, I got a little further, and I believe prophetic, glimpse of what is coming, and it had me trembling. I already was aware that, in advance of the release of The Da Vinci Code, several cable channels like A&E and the History Channel were doing “specials” about the “lost gospels” and other Jesus-denying, scripture-burying subjects – but when I walked in to Barnes and Nobles, I was not prepared to see the dozens and dozens of books covering all the most visible areas, and on all the shelves of the new age and Christian sections – all that were denying the faith, “proving” that the Bible is not the Word of God, and undermining Jesus as the Son of God. My knees got weak and I began to tremble, literally. And I saw this: There is going to come a very carefully created, deliberately crafted and placed “historical document” that is going to appear so authentic as to be almost foolproof, which is going to “prove” that Jesus was not who Christians have always believed Him to be. It is going to be DEVASTATING. It is going to be a demonic hoax of the most powerful kind, and it is going to SWEEP AWAY most nominal Christians into apostasy and despair. I’m warning you so when it happens you won’t be caught off guard. IT IS COMING.

So how are we going to stand against this onslaught? One thing was very clear to me. Only those who have these two things will survive with their faith intact: (1) Those who are committed to, and who have studied, read and fed on the Word of God so that it is part of them and part of all they do, think and say: (2) Those who have a REAL relationship with Jesus Christ; intimate, personal, active and ALIVE. Only if you have those two things, will you stand in this time of great falling away in which Satan will deceive, if possible, even the elect.

And this war for true followers of the Savior Jesus Christ is not going to be a war of words or philosophy or we-believe-versus-you-believe. No, it is going to be a war of truth based on the power of God and the living Jesus. It will, in the end, be Elijah’s war: If Baal is God, serve him; if God is God, serve Him, and the God that answers by FIRE, HE is God. You see, we are going into a time when there will even be lying signs and wonders as the scriptures say. But as the Egyptian magicians did their “miracles” to prove they were as good as Moses’, God WILL NOT BE MOCKED, and God’s judgment “miracles” are coming and believers better be standing on the right side when it comes. I know I cannot argue anyone out of lies. And the whole world, and most of the church, is beginning to be deluged by these lies. What I DO know is Daniel’s words:

“They that KNOW their God will be strong and do mighty exploits.” And I know that in the end, I have nothing to fear, for the God of Elijah, the God who can bring down fire, is in me. And His authority and power rest in every true believer, and if we know Him intimately and are surrendered totally to Him, we are going to STAND.

Dr. Gregory Reid

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Myths About the Sexual Abuse of Boys


 Myth: It is not a widespread problem.

Fact: One in every ten men & boys, and some say one in six has possibly been molested in some form.

Myth: Most molesters are dirty old men.

Fact: Most pedophiles are highly intelligent career people with community respect and a good income.

Myth: Most pedophiles are stranger to the child.

Fact: Stranger molestation is the exception, and most boys know their molesters well, as relatives for whom trust comes naturally or family friends or people in authority who have pursued the child to seduce them over a long period of time.

Myth: Abuse must be forced or violent to be called rape.

Fact: Any time an adult lures a child to sexual acts it’s rape.

Myth: If the abuse was pleasurable for the boy, it was not rape.

Fact: Sex is meant to feel good. The crime is that a powerful, older person took and underage child or teen and used them for their own gratification.

Myth: Most victims become abusers.

Fact: This is largely a jailhouse excuse for pedophiles. Some do go on to abuse: Some become violent and most just live self-destructive, miserable lives until they get help.

Myth: Non-forced abuse makes the boy responsible.

Fact: No child is ever responsible for being raped.

Myth: It happens to other people’s kids.

Fact: Boy molestation is one of the most unreported crimes that exists. It COULD be your child. Communication, unconditional love and acceptance is the only way to keep the door open to your son if something does – or did – happen.

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Another Name For “Abuse”

If we don’t revamp our thinking about what predators do to boys, a lot of kids are going to fall through the cracks, and a lot of predators will never get caught.

But it’s a complicated matter, because it’s hard to put a simple name on it like “abuse”. We always like to have catchy social phrases and clear concepts – a “handle” – on such things. But in many sexual molests of boys, they don’t work anymore.

Remember “stranger danger”? The guy with the black trench coat and shady hat, lurking behind a tree? Good concept, except that it’s a little like handing out literature on the Ebola virus to millions of healthy Americans. Good to know, but probably will never even affect 99% of them. In the same way, “stranger danger” only applies to the few children who will ever be victims of “stranger rape”.

So we’ve learned to broaden our perspective concerning, especially, “pedophiles” and boys. (Pedophiles is in quotes, because that in itself is a very bad term to use. It means “child lover.” So they have even succeeded in getting us, the ones trying to stop them, into using their own preferred – and horribly twisted – term for what they do. How about “PedoRapist?”) So we began to refer to this type of activity as “abused boys” or “molestation.” That helped some.

But after several years of personally using just such terminology, I realized that the broad brushstroke wasn’t reaching boys’ understanding. That’s because, as sophisticated as most abusers of boys were at surrounding the boy’s molestation with plenty of perks and “good” things, it becomes like trying to explain to a kid who gets free cake and ice cream every day that there’s a sliver of POISON inside. And that it may not hurt him right away, but after fifty or so servings, it will kill him. It’s a tough sell.

So we need to start by understanding, first, why many predators succeed and many boys agree to being sexually used.

In many instances, you have to think of it as a six month to a year or more seduction of the boy. Few predators just meet a boy once or twice and then get them alone and molest them. Rather, they have a whole sack full of tools they use to prepare, weaken and trap the boy:

– Gifts

– Affection

– Ego strokes, status and flattering

– Treating him like an equal

– Listening

– “Caring”

– Computer games, video games, music, movies

– Allowing adult activities: Smoking, drinking, drugs, pornography

Like it or not, the predator provides an ideal “father figure” many boys crave and don’t have – one who listens, cares, plays, hugs – and that isn’t glued to the television all the time.

Like it or not, that bag of gifts is as real as the wining and dining and gifting many men use to try to get a woman into bed. Deal with the fact that that’s how the predator views it. He’s romancing the boy. And unfortunately, by the time the boy is overwhelmed with all the “stuff” and all the time and attention he’s getting, he’s so hooked that he’s afraid to say no when this father figure/best friend wants to perform oral sex on him, and he will do it out of guilt, or fear of losing the comforting “love” and attention, or both. And once the boy has experienced it, he may actually get hooked on the feelings this “professional sex expert” has provided. The boy may only see the cake, and how nice the baker is, and afraid the baker will get mad and leave and the cake may be gone.

I think you can see what a tough job it is to convince many boy victims that they are victims at all. After all – the abuser gave them all this seemingly “good ” stuff too. And in many cases, in the boy’s mind, he knows dad should have given a lot of those good things like affection and time and didn’t, which may turn into a shocking scenario and revelation to the parent or parents when the boy remains loyal to his abuser – if only out of anger – for the dad that wasn’t available emotionally or physically. “So what?”, the boy may think. “He did stuff to me. It felt good, now everybody wants me to get MAD at him?” In his mind, the benefits of having a nearly full-time friend/dad substitute may far outweigh the shame and guilt of being sexually used. He may even numb his guilt by telling himself, “Yeah, I don’t want to do the sex stuff, but he’s such a nice guy, and he’d really get hurt if I rejected him.” It gets to be a complicated mess.

I believe the lynchpin of changing a boy’s mind has to be a three part work:

(1) Unbrainwashing him.

Help him to see how carefully he was set up, lured and seduced to have sex with this man. Help him see that he would have never even thought about having sex with a man – in fact, the idea would have repulsed him – before he was coaxed and plied with gifts, affection and attention.

(2) Help him to understand, based on the reality of every single boy predator anyone has tracked, that he will only receive all this attention from his “friend” for a year, maybe two. Then, when he reaches puberty, gets muscles and grows pubic hair, his “friend” will lose interest, gently begin pushing him away, find younger friends and then forget him. And what the boy will be left with is profound loneliness, pain, confusion as to “what he is”, (gay or straight) and an unbearable emptiness.

In other words, we’ve got to convince them in a way they can understand it that they were just used – for sex – from an adult – who is already looking for a younger “friend”.

(3) If you can get him this far, the next move should be fairly simple. Tell him his “friend” is about to do the same thing to another boy – probably younger than him. Statistically it’s nearly 100% inevitable. To this new boy will go all the gifts, the time, and the attention, and the boy will see it happen until eventually he is completely abandoned by his “friend”. And then the new boy will eventually be abandoned and replaced, too.

Hopefully, that will be enough to stir up the real fear of this inevitable future scene, and stir up enough real anger at being abandoned and betrayed and dumped like yesterday’s garbage to get him to talk, to testify, to take this soul-cannibal down. Help him to see what’s going to happen to his friend’s next victim. “Do you want another kid to go through what you went through?” Get him to fight for the next kid.

The phrase “molested boys” doesn’t connect with a great number of boys who are being sexually used by adult predators. But betrayal, being used, and being rejected because they grew up – that, I think, carefully and starkly portrayed, may.

Out with the “abused boys” terminology. I’m not sure what to replace it with. “Broken boys”, maybe. “Seduced, used and abandoned boys”, perhaps. Unfortunately, it really is nearly impossible to sum up such an evil and complex crime with one of the clever, easy to digest psychological catch phrases we are so fond of.

If all else fails, don’t hesitate to bring in another older “discarded boy) who has recovered and is fighting back, to talk to the boy. He may be able to explain it in a way the boy will understand – and respond to.

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Church Sexual Abuse Crisis: How Do We Respond?


The Catholic Church has been rocked by the latest exposure of sexual abuse of boys by priests. This is nothing new; in fact, it’s been going on for decades, if not centuries. It is only “new” because the media has seen a “sexy” story (as they call a ratings-boosting news item) and has run with it.

I am glad it is getting exposed. It should have happened a long time ago. So far, though the results have been less than gratifying, especially in terms of the responses of the Cardinals called to account in Rome. Cardinal Bernard Law should have been forced to resign immediately. It is clear, even to a media-callous observer that knows how to see through the bias of the media, that this man clearly knew about boys being sexually assaulted by priests, and he did nothing. Repeatedly. For years. That is unconscionable, but that IS what happens when someone in the clergy gets elevated and isolated to the place where they believe they are above answering to “common people.”

It was disturbing to learn, according to one CBS news report, that Canon law treats the sin of a priest having sex with a woman as graver than having sex with a child. I suppose that the tree grew from that rotten root.

Whether the Catholic Church really cleans house, or merely does a “bait-and-switch” magic act to reassign priests is yet to be seen. I don’t have much confidence in their ability to do so, and if they do not, you will see an increasing number of people leaving the church to find a place where the safety of their children will be assured.

Lest the reader think that this is an anti-Catholic tome, be assured that the abuse of children (especially boys) is not exclusive to the Catholic Church. Far from it. The Protestant denominations, Charismatic ministries, youth ministries and evangelistic outreaches have all had an ample amount of abuse of kids – most of which never even gets reported to the police, much less the media.

Why? Well, that is a complex question. And one I have yet to fully answer. Part of the problem is that we have a fear of the world, especially with legal matters, and many times, we should. I have been concerned for a long time about the invasiveness of the government into church matters, from the IRS to “politically correct” rulings which will eventually make it against the law for us NOT to hire practicing homosexuals, etc.

So when a sexual abuse incident is discovered, we try to handle it “in-house.” The problem is, sexually assaulting a child is a CRIME by anyone’s standards legally. If someone murders someone, we wouldn’t think of handling it “in-house”. But somehow, admit it or not, most Christians (except those violated and their families) don’t consider it THAT serious.

This is curious to me. When a person is discovered to be homosexual in most evangelical churches, for the most part, there is an outcry, excommunication, and worse. Finding grace to receive, heal and help them is largely an unknown concept in the church. But a child molester? Suddenly we find forgiveness.

Unfortunately, that is especially true if the molester is a pastor or in leadership. Why? Because we are so concerned about our image, and the effect that public exposure will have on our mission, that the welfare of the abused child becomes secondary.

I don’t need to remind you what Jesus said should happen to those who cause “one of these little ones to stumble.” It grieves me that we refuse to apply this to this horrible matter.

But, you say, can’t a “pedophile”…or a “child molester” be forgiven? Absolutely they can. But that is not what is at issue here. God’s grace and forgiveness, I believe, extends to the most grievous of sins. But the consequences of some sins far exceed others, and this is one that certainly does. One of the OBVIOUS consequences is that those who molest children should never be allowed to be in a position to have access them again. Zero tolerance, as they say. That’s not PUNISHMENT as much as it is PROTECTION for the children. If it seems harsh, then there is a problem with your understanding of the lifelong damage inflicted on victims of sexual abuse.

And you can think of it this way. A lifelong drunk can be forgiven, cleansed and restored. But you would be INSANE to give them a job in a bar. In the same way we should clearly make it understood that NO person with a history of child abuse should find any place among us to work with kids – period. That is the only way we can insure the safety of our little ones.

. This is the moment we as believers need to step up to the plate and make it absolutely clear that we will not tolerate – will not condone – will not cover up – and will not accommodate those who ruin the trust and innocence of our children. If we do not, we should not complain when people turn away from the church because they do not feel safe in our midst.

Now is the time for the church to reach out to abused kids – not to pay them off and shut them up-but to embrace them, heal them, and let them know that whatever it takes, whatever loss in prestige, status or community standing, we will put them first, and we will make them whole.

Dr. Gregory R Reid, DD


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