The Halloween Compromise

I do not, I cannot compromise on the issue of Halloween. And I am genuinely stunned at the extent to which most Christians do. I know many godly, wonderful Christians who are Christlike in nearly every way in their lives – but mention Halloween, and you can see the stronghold. And it is a stronghold in the church. It is Achan’s idol hiding in our tent, and we have got to confront it.


First of all, what is Halloween? It is a pagan holiday. It is a Druid celebration of the dead. Samhain – or Saman – the druid Lord of the Dead – is given his worship on this night. That’s why even today, from Halloween movie marathons on T.V. to children’s costumes, the predominant themes are death, ghosts, devils and demons. Bobbing for apples was originally a form of Celtic divination concerning marriage. Masks and costumes were donned to represent the dead, ghosts and “goblins.” (Demons.) Food was left outside of homes to appease the dead who might come by, a “treat” left in hopes that the dead will not play “tricks” on the residents inside. Get the picture?


If you were ignorant of these facts, now you know the truth, and now you are responsible for that truth. No more can you say that you didn’t know. No more can you say it is simply a fun time for kids, nothing more, or pretend that it has nothing to do with the occult. It has everything to do with the occult! It is in fact Satan’s most prized holiday, and it is his coup d’etat over Christians who participate in it! And in God’s eyes, it is no different than celebrating Hitler’s birthday, or dressing up our children in little Nazi uniforms, justifying it because the kids are having fun. Do you think this position is extreme? Not at all. I work in a field where Halloween is the most important, pivotal and celebrated date on the satanic calendar, a time when children are abused horribly and sometimes even slaughtered in the ancient Druid Samhain tradition we call Halloween!


To be honest, even “Harvest Festivals” at churches make me uneasy, especially when “alternative costumes” are worn. The only costume this date deserves from believers is sackcloth, the only recognition of it a time of solemn prayer!


Knowing that this is an evil, ancient bloody celebration of demons and all things of the occult, a night when Satan’s kingdom revels and the doors of hell open wide, can you give even one good excuse to participate? Or to pass our children through this unholy fire in the name of “fun”? I am afraid that any argument is just a justification of our own spiritual cowardice in refusing to confront Halloween for what it really is.


The excuses are many, but the one most prevalent is that we don’t want our kids to feel different or “left out.” Yet I doubt you would have any problem at all keeping your teen from going to a beer bust, even though it might make him feel “different” and “left out.” Since when do we feel Halloween is so important that we’d rather our kids participate than to be seen as “different”? When did we forget that we are to raise our kids to be different, separated from the things of the world? Why do we insist on our kids being drug free, abstinent, a good Christian example, yet Halloween is scratched off of our list of ungodly activities?


I can only surmise that it is a special spiritual blindness that has to be one of Satan’s special triumphs. Satan doesn’t care if you dress as a devil or a saint. But he demands that you recognize this day. And if you do, you give him the power he craves, and if you are a believer, you give him the mockery of believers he delights in.


I know “Harvest Parties” are seen as a good alternative. I concede that if it is for the purposes of EVANGELISM, and an outreach, not a “party” then it can be a powerful tool. But if it is not that, is it not just a subtle compromise? I mean, why do we NEED an alternative at all, EXCEPT for the purpose of evangelism or prayer, especially one that fairly mirrors the worldly Halloween activities? How can you put a holy face on a night that is rooted in evil, that has its history in evil, that is to this DAY evil and “sacred” to those who have sworn their hatred to the Christ we claim to love? What message are we sending our children? Is it not, at the least, that it is okay to compromise if you have a good justification to do so?


Do you want an alternative? Then how about a Halloween night prayer meeting to confront the wicked forces that are undeniably unleashed that night, to pray for the protection of our little ones and the tearing down of Satan’s kingdom? What about a special speaker on the dangers of the occult? Have a band for the kids, or better, an educational time to tell them WHY the occult and Halloween are wrong. That way, we won’t stand before God having to explain why we deemed it more important not to rob our kids of “harmless fun” than to put spiritual backbones and warrior’s hearts into our most treasured resources.


Harsh? Make you uncomfortable? Good. Take the blinders off, then. Get honest: Why are you protective of this evil celebration? Are you afraid of being seen as a fanatic, extremist, afraid you will be made fun of? Of such hearts strong disciples of the Crucified Christ cannot be made.


Are you afraid, parent, that your child will feel separated, different? And if you allow this compromise, how then will your child fare when he is ridiculed because he won’t smoke, drink or take drugs, when your daughter is rejected, teased and taunted for maintaining her purity? A little leaven leavens the whole loaf, Jesus said. Bend to the Halloween god, well, then, the next compromise will be so much easier.


Are you afraid, pastor, that you must maintain some form of the Halloween tradition, because so many of your people insist that it is harmless, and that if you draw the line, you risk their disapproval? Is that not Saul, who disobeyed God because “he feared the people”? Surely we of all people must set the standard for the people, not the other way, even if we risk their anger, their ridicule, and even their withdrawal of support.

It is hard to write this because it is offensive, but harder still because I feel “another presence” breathing behind me who is fairly screaming that I dare not expose this unholy compromise. It is HIS day and he wants it to remain in the church. And the anger I feel from this presence convinces me that I am right.


I have told you the truth. My deepest prayer is that all who read this will abandon Halloween altogether, in any form of recognition, blatant or “sanitized,” and boycott this compromise completely, not in spite of our kids, but because of them, because we love them and we love the truth more than our own lives. Believe me, our kids won’t die if they don’t trick or treat and dress up. And no, letting them won’t kill them; but they will be the weaker for it; and it will be impossible to explain on That Day why we who were sworn to the truth of God’s Word allowed our little ones to celebrate the day of worship to Satan, demons and every unholy, unclean thing.


Halloween is the whitewashed Baal we have placed on God’s Altar. May God give all of those who read this the courageous heart of Josiah who did not rest until every idol was destroyed.


Gregory R Reid



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