Y’know what the problem is? The occult is fun

and fascinating. Plus, it’s sort of acceptable; I

mean, a lot of adults read their horoscope and

watch Sightings and even call the Psychic hotline.


That’s what makes it so hard to resist. It’s fun

for a while to do, and even to be “evil”, y’know?

I mean, dressing in black, looking sinister is a good

way to scare people, freak out your parents, and

assert yourself and your “identity.”


Here’s the big problem. There’s more to it than

you know. I know what I’m talking about.


I was born to do that stuff. And I was good at

it. It was part of my “training” to eventually

become a sorcerer as part of a powerful satanic



Before I was ten, I could leave my body at

night, make clay figures that came alive in the

darkness, and could make the Ouija board work by

myself. I had already gone through “initiations”

including satanic ceremonies, getting gang raped and

even seeing someone die. They called on demons to

be with me, and they were with me all the time,

though I was too young to know what they were.

All I knew is that I felt special…important.

Plus I scared people with what I could do, and

that really made me feel powerful, y’know?

Especially scaring off all the jerks at school

that used to pick on me. Not anymore!


By the time I was fourteen I had broken all

my own promises not to do black magick, and I was

losing control. The “spirits” I used to “control”

were now evil entities who were controlling me. I

could feel them peering out from behind my own



I was addicted, as much as any drug addict. I

had to have more “power”, but the more I got,

the less I was “me” and the more this “other”

took over. When I cursed someone and they died

that night, I knew I was beyond hope. I

belonged to the devil now, and even if I wanted

out, I couldn’t get out. It was too late for me.


Something started to happen, though. I

hitchhiked to get around, and I kept getting picked

up by religious freaks. Telling me Jesus loved me,

which I really thought was a lie, and even if He

was real, He couldn’t ever love an evil low-life

kid like me.


One of them gave me a book that completely

fried me, that told about God being able to love

the worst, and a God who actually was powerful.

I never heard that in church! It made me angry.

And I didn’t want to hear that ANYONE, much

less Jesus, loved me.

Somehow I ended up at this guy’s house one

night with a room full of Christians. They weren’t

like the uncaring, dead church people I

remember. They were full of love and laughter

and it totally shocked me. And I felt POWER in

that room, so strong it make me shake all over.

It wasn’t ANYTHING like the power I felt on

the Dark Side! I sat by the door so I could run

out quick. But something glued me to the floor.

For the first time, I felt pure light coming up

against the pure darkness in me. I wanted to cry

but I was scared to death, I felt so evil, and

I’d been so abused and felt like such trash.

When the guy asked if anyone wanted to ask Jesus

into their hearts and forgive their sins, I wanted

so bad to do it, and I knew if I didn’t it was my

last chance. I knew if I walked out of that

room, I would belong to them forever and would

be forced to fulfill my satanic destiny, which I

knew would eventually end in my own death. But I

couldn’t raise my hand, as if a claw had grabbed

my arm and said, “YOU WILL NOT!!!” Suddenly

it broke, and I raised my hand, and it was like

grabbing hold of a lightning bolt!!! Suddenly waves

of Power and Love and Life washed down on me,

and I started crying like a baby! I hadn’t cried

for years! I was laughing, crying and higher than



It took a while after that to give everything up.

I still felt some of it was okay. Then one of my

recruits called on Satan when we were doing stuff

out in the night, and Satan actually spoke, and we

were all so terrified, I knew something was really

wrong. We had one more Ouija session, and when I

demanded the truth, it told me its source was

satan. That was it for me. I’d been lied to for

almost eight years! I went home and burned

everything, and never went back. Demons showed up

a lot threatening me that if I didn’t come back,

they’d destroy me. Well, I didn’t and they

couldn’t. Why would I want to trade the Power

of God for a cheap imitation from a sore loser

like Lucifer? No way – not ever.


I’m writing this so you’ll know. I’ve been to a

lot of funerals of kids who got into magick

thinking it was harmless and it ended up killing

them. I don’t want the same thing to happen to

you. Think about it. It’s not about religion. And

it’s as easy as saying, “Jesus, please help me. I

know I’ve sinned and I need your forgiveness,

please come into my heart and drive satan out, and

make me the person You want me to be.” He will

if you ask; and believe me, the power, and the

purpose and DESTINY you can have is better

than all the poser stuff the occult offers you.


I got out of the nightmare, and I hope you do



From someone who’s been there…..


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