Myth: It is not a widespread problem.

Fact: One in every ten men & boys, and some say one in six has possibly been molested in some form.

Myth: Most molesters are dirty old men.

Fact: Most pedophiles are highly intelligent career people with community respect and a good income.

Myth: Most pedophiles are stranger to the child.

Fact: Stranger molestation is the exception, and most boys know their molesters well, as relatives for whom trust comes naturally or family friends or people in authority who have pursued the child to seduce them over a long period of time.

Myth: Abuse must be forced or violent to be called rape.

Fact: Any time an adult lures a child to sexual acts it’s rape.

Myth: If the abuse was pleasurable for the boy, it was not rape.

Fact: Sex is meant to feel good. The crime is that a powerful, older person took and underage child or teen and used them for their own gratification.

Myth: Most victims become abusers.

Fact: This is largely a jailhouse excuse for pedophiles. Some do go on to abuse: Some become violent and most just live self-destructive, miserable lives until they get help.

Myth: Non-forced abuse makes the boy responsible.

Fact: No child is ever responsible for being raped.

Myth: It happens to other people’s kids.

Fact: Boy molestation is one of the most unreported crimes that exists. It COULD be your child. Communication, unconditional love and acceptance is the only way to keep the door open to your son if something does – or did – happen.

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