On the heels of the riotous release of the new Harry Potter book, Harry

Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and the yet to be confirmed opinion by a major

ministry that the Harry Potter series is harmless, I have felt it necessary to

write my own comments on this issue. Many parents will not like it. Neither will

some pastors. Please do NOT ask me if I care. Right now I am so angry at the

level of compromise I am encountering among believers on occult matters that I

am not interested in popular opinion. I am just interested in truth as I have come

to understand it, according to the flawless, perfect Word of God. If you don’t

like that, don’t read this. I did not survive and live to be a relatively healthy,

intact adult after suffering horrific abuse, by “ac-centuating the positive and

e-liminating the negative.” When I became a follower of Jesus thirty one years

ago today as I write this, I was a wounded, bleeding mess. No psychology could

have healed me. I’d already been judged as “the most messed up person I have

ever met” by one psychologist I sought help from at 17. No, I survived purely

because of one Book – and I devoured it like a starving man. My first Bible was

tattered in a year, every line highlighted, the margins filled with notes. No one

will ever know what that Book has meant to me. Knowing the Author has made

every word alive to me.


So what does that have to do with Harry Potter? For the believer,

everything. I find it unfortunate and heartbreaking that I am having to go over

basic, simple truth regarding the occult for believers, because they are not

being told – much less taught – the truth, and it is continually being blocked at a

pulpit level. I’ve sounded the alarm about this for years. Now, perhaps, I can

help you see the result of Biblically ignorant believers and blatant disregard for

God’s opinion on the occult. Now we have druids and British pastors meeting to

“dialogue” and find common ground. Now, we have believers slithering like snakes

in church and even sounding like pigs. I am not making this up: They have the

audacity to call it the “anoinking of the Spirit.” THIS is what results from no

real clear teaching on what is of God and what is of the occult.


Now, we have Pokemon and Harry Potter, and who cares? It’s harmless,

right? Just some cards. Just a fairy tale book with GREAT lessons about

good vs. evil, where good always wins! Isn’t that positive for kids, doesn’t it

teach kids to love books? To love reading?


Listen, I know a GREAT book that teaches both WITHOUT witchcraft! But

then, if the parents think it’s so boring and useless that they only read it in

church, and don’t bother reading it to their kids, how can you expect kids to

either love it or learn from it? I’m talking about the Bible of course. And I fully

believe that communicated well, the Bible is flat-out the most interesting,

powerful book in the universe. And unlike Harry Potter, it’s TRUE.


As to teaching kids to love reading, I know plenty of satanist kids who are

profoundly addicted to both reading and learning – from books on the Black

Arts. Better an ignorant teen who loves Jesus than a killer satanist who loves

to learn and has a through-the-roof IQ, don’t you think? And no, this is not a

plea for raising stupid kids. But love of reading and learning is not a virtue in

itself. In God’s hands, it is a gift, though it is not the sainted all-important goal

modern Americans think; in the devil’s hands, it is a weapon; it becomes the tree

of knowledge of good and evil. Love of reading is certainly not evil. Kids

NEED to read. But it is NO guarantee of moral character. Ayn Rand –

Voltaire – Lenin – brilliant readers and writers all – and totally godless,

antichristian influences in their day. I mention this so I can knock down the

ridiculous notion that Harry Potter is good because it teaches kids to love



In my line of work, when you leave the “spiritual” element out of things, there

is in fact a huge difference, for example, between Harry Potter, the Satanic

Bible, and on a more extreme level, H.P. Lovecraft’s satanic ritual book, The

Necronomicon. Harry Potter is not likely to snap some child’s mind and make

him a psychopathic killer. The Necronomicon, a purely evil, incendiary and

demonic book, could. Believe me, I understand the difference. A kid with a

pocket full of Pokemon and wall covered with Potter paraphernalia would

probably not qualify for me as someone who needed immediate crisis

intervention. On the other hand, a kid with black walls and skulls and razors and

clueless parents who stay out of his room so as not to violate his “privacy”,

would qualify.


When you consider the spiritual aspect, however, all of this takes on an

entirely different dimension. The difference between The Necronomicon, for

example, and Harry Potter is the difference between toxic death and subtle



I have a dear relative who experienced slow, gradual arsenic poisoning. It was

so gradual in fact, that she nearly died from it before she realized what had

happened and who was behind it.


Harry Potter is just such a poison. What is the harm of Harry Potter?

Just that it makes magick attractive, exciting, enticing. Kids look at THAT –

and then they look at their own faith and that of the people in church, and

oftentimes what they see is that the God of the Christians is presented as

powerless, someone who is far removed from us and has no authority over evil.

I have never known that God. My God is FULL of power – but many kids

know ONLY that misrepresentation.


Then they look at Harry Potter, and they compare “faiths” – which one do

YOU think they are going to be drawn to?


And it is not so much that Harry Potter is the problem. People have

ALWAYS written spiritual pornography. (That’s what it is.) It is that believers

refuse to take a stand against it, rather compromising with it because “all the

other kids read it.” Well, if you want YOUR kids to be all the other kids, then

that’s what you’ll have. But if you understand how strong the prohibition

against witchcraft is in the Bible, allowing your kids to indulge the Potter

madness is not an option.


Listen to the Word of the Lord:


“Suffer not a witch to live” (Exodus 22:18) And no, I am not suggesting

this as a way to eliminate the problem with witchcraft in our country. It was

something Israel had to do to protect their covenant and their country. But just

because we’re in New Testament times doesn’t mean since we don’t kill ’em

therefore we just let ’em in for dinner. Which is quite literally what you do

when you let Mr. Potter in the door. Now go ahead and call that extreme. But I

didn’t write the Bible. I’m just TELLING you what it says. You can twist it any

way you please to make it say what you want it to. But if you claim to follow

Jesus then understand that acceptance of witchcraft or the occult in any way

shape or form, whether through Potter or the little Astrology bit you just can’t

resist reading in the paper, it is FORBIDDEN and it is POISON. “But”,

someone says, “It’s FANTASY! Don’t you know the difference between real

witchcraft and fantasy for children?” Uh, don’t YOU know the difference

between real sex and pornography? Pornography is more dangerous in the long

run because it blurs the line between reality and FANTASY. Potter is

SPIRITUAL PORNOGRAPHY. And as even mass murderer Ted Bundy

admitted before he was executed what a HUGE role pornography played in

him actually acting OUT the despicable crimes he would later commit, fantasy

books on magick are just as deadly because they ALSO blur the line between

fantasy and reality. The argument that because it’s “fantasy” it is not

“dangerous” is ludicrous.


Now. The next argument is, “It’s not witchcraft like the Bible says. Harry

Potter is a sorcerer.” (Please refer to previous articles on Christians who

have no idea what the occult is.) The New King James reads: “Do not allow a

sorceress to live.”Witchcraft and sorcery are exactly the same thing.


Another key scripture:


“And (Manasseh) caused his sons to pass through the fire…he practiced

soothsaying (telling the future – psychic hotline mean anything to you?) , used

witchcraft and sorcery, and consulted mediums (psychics) and spiritists (those

who talk to the dead.) He did much evil in the sight of the Lord, to provoke

Him to anger.”


“But I don’t do those things!”, someone protests. Well Harry does it all. So

maybe you’re just a “Potter enabler.”


Nahum 3:4 calls this activity spiritual adultery.


Before I hear something about us being in the New Testament under grace,

let’s read Galatians 5:19-20: “Now the works of the flesh are evident, which

are these…witchcraft…” etc. There are dozens of similar passages. Paul

actually encountered a Harry Potter wannabe, who followed them around like

a town crier, saying, “Listen to these men, they show you the way to God!” I

imagine some Christians, who can’t tell the Holy Spirit from a demon spirit,

and who don’t know the truth of the scripture from the deception of the world

through the media, would have said, “Wow, she’s really supportive of Paul!”

But if you read the “original Greek” (I love that phrase, it makes me feel like

I’m back in Bible School!) she is actually saying, “They show you A way to

God!” The devil is very sneaky, and he can fool a lot of people who don’t

understand how fine edged the truth is, discerning between soul and spirit, bone

and marrow. The Bible doesn’t say there are WAYS to God: Just one. “I am

the Way, the Truth and the Life: No one comes to the Father but by Me”,

Jesus said, and Acts tells us that “There is NO OTHER NAME under heaven,

given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Paul of course, knowing the

truth and full of the REAL Spirit, turned around and rebuked the spirit in her,

which came out screaming I imagine. And the result was, she got saved, and a

bunch of big businessmen using her occult talents to get rich got

UNEMPLOYED! When the occult demon left her, she had no powers left! Isn’t

that great?



Did you know that J.K. Rowling, author of Harry Potter, is projected to

make $100 MILLION DOLLARS off of the latest Potter book, Goblet of

Fire”? You better believe that the occult is big business, from Potter to

Sabrina, from Marilyn Manson to the Psychic Hotlines. And I am not

endearing myself with the world, nor with very many believers, in taking such a

hard line against such an “innocent” story. Listen folks: I have a right to say

this, most of the skeptics don’t. I paid a price for 7 years of deep occult

involvement, lured in part by “innocent” games like “light as a feather”, Gong

Hee Fot Choy, Jeanne Dixon’s astrology column, and other “harmless” things.

And it has left scars that are deep and permanent. (Not wounds, thank God –

God heals those. The scars do remain.) So please don’t tell me I am an

extremist. First of all, I didn’t shoot the dog. I’m just reporting God’s opinion to

you, and it’s up to you if you want to ignore it because you don’t like it, or

obey it because He said it. Secondly, you are hearing from a man who nearly

lost his life because of involvement in escalating occult activities that started

out with “Potter-type” stuff. And I am a voice crying in the wilderness against

our complacent compromise. Why? Because while we are talking cutesy about

this WONDERFUL book series that makes kids want to read, I am wondering

what the results will be from a satanic rock band that recently came to Dallas

and convinced 5,000 kids to get on their knees in a mockery of the Christian

altar call and give their lives to satan! And you wonder why I am so extreme.

Sheesh. You do the math.

No – kids who read Harry Potter won’t automatically become devil

worshippers. But EVERY kid who reads it will open up the door of their mind –

some a little, some a lot – to the whispers, influences and lies of demonic

spirits. That’s just spiritual fact. Get angry at me if you must – if I’m wrong,

well, then by all means, buy them all and read them with your kids – after all, it

IS a terrific read. But if I am right – don’t call me down the road when your

kids starts participating in a Wiccan group and you are upset because you

don’t know where you went wrong, having raised them in church and all that.

Now’s your best chance to say, “I’ve had enough of the compromise. No more

Potter, no more Pokemon, no more Halloween, no more R rated movies (ouch!)

and no more contamination in my house.”


“But my kids are bored with God!” That’s not His fault. Do you really think

a good antidote to God- boredom is an immersion in Potter mania? If you want

your kids to get on fire, not with Potter’s Goblet but with truth, then get into

the Book of Acts, read it, believe it, live it, and walk it, and get kids to do the

same. There’s more supernatural in that book than a hundred books JK Rowlings

might be yet to write. It’s the REAL power. And if you think “God doesn’t do

miracles anymore” then I truly feel sorry for you, because the Devil knows

differently, and as long as he can convince believers that he has more power

today than God, then he can continue to devour our youth into the black hole

of occultism.


As for me, I’m going to walk in the might of who God really is. I trust you

will do the same, dispense with this silly and dangerous compromise and become

the true warriors God has called us to be.


Dr. Gregory R Reid


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