Exposing the Darkness Seminar

Never before has the church been in more need of balanced, biblical and practical education and preparation to deal with the flood of occultism that has infected this generation. After many years of preparation and research, Dr. Gregory Reid has developed a three part seminar for this purpose. Designed for both adults and teens, view these educational training sessions cover a wide variety of topics, from lures of the occult to dealing with the demonic, from true spiritual warfare to scriptural tools and understanding of that warfare. These seminars are non-sensational, factual, and completely Bible-based. In 45 years of ministry, Dr. Reid has seen a number of sensationalistic, non-factual, fear based and conspiracy oriented workshops under the title “Spiritual warfare”, and felt it was crucial to provide a Godly, constructive atmosphere and presentation in which believers could learn fact from fantasy, and be equipped with the Word of God to do battle with legitimate works of the enemy. Part one deals with occult lures, history of idolatry and occultism, and its present effects on our culture and our children. Part two outlines our scriptural stand regarding occultic, pagan and satanic practices, as well as practical guidelines for both leading people to Jesus out of those bondages and setting them free once they become believers. The third and final dynamic of this seminar is a youth night, geared toward unbelieving kids as well as Christian kids. Dr. Reid presents his testimony of a childhood and adolescence spent in the dark world of real black magick, both as a victim, and later as a practiced, obsessed occultist – and a powerful proclamation of his salvation and deliverance by the power of God through meeting Jesus face to face. This evening youth outreach presents a perfect opportunity to bring unsaved kids to Jesus. These seminar-outreaches have produced powerful spiritual awakenings and have served to equip many believers for frontline warfare against the spirit of this age. For information on how your church can sponsor the Exposing The Darkness outreach, please contact Dr. Reid at: YouthFire Box 370006 El Paso TX 79937 Or use contact form References available upon request.


Mar 10 2019


All Day


City Hall
City hall, Manhattan, New York

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