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May 14, 2007

For a number of years I have listened to the skeptics pummel those who take the occult and occult crimes seriously. Actually WORKING on such crime issues and trying to help people ensnared in the occult/satanic world has made answering these skeptics a lesser priority. However, now that there are so few left that have not been dismissed, attacked, smeared and mocked, I believe it is important to answer some of their “questions.” Please note that I do not believe most of the people who have raised these questions are really sincerely interested in knowing the truth; but there are some who sincerely wish answers to the questions, such as: Is satanic crime real? Where is the evidence? What about false memories? I will hopefully be of help to those who truly wish to know the answers to such difficult questions. The skeptics will just rewrite the facts to suit their own agenda.

Is It True There is No Evidence of Satanic Crime?

Time and space preclude an extensive response to this question: I usually answer this in criminal justice settings, where I am able to actually draw out cases and evidence, such as the suicide of an 18 year old who died with an occultic “protection” medallion in his hand; two teens shot to death because of involvement in a satanic group; a woman decapitated with black candles around her body; the list goes on. I don’t post actual cases in this forum, because I have seen the repeated rewriting of occult crimes to “prove” they were not satanic by skeptics and debunkers, enough to prove to ME that they are not interested in the facts. Example: The brutal murder of a 12 year old boy on a satanic date, in a satanic fashion – it didn’t take long for them to “prove” robbery was the motive. Well, the boy was dirt-poor, and unless someone wanted his Pokemon cards and was willing to dismember him for it, then this “proof” doesn’t fly. The outcome of the second conviction on the case can be found here:



As often happens, there is what the press reports and what the public is GIVEN to know, and then the full, behind-the-scenes truth. Those who challenge this case as being truly “ritualistic” have several disadvantages however: (1) The have no law enforcement background (2) They only quote others who usually have no firsthand knowledge of the case, and (3) Their minds are already made up. However, if they choose an after-the-fact report rather than the word of one who was an initial consultant, then so be it.

Why would prosecutors say robbery was the motive? It’s very simple to those familiar with law enforcement and the courts: If you’ve got a satanic crime case, it is best to leave that information out and prosecute on just the actual violation of the specific law. Why? Two reasons: One, juries tend not to handle this kind of information well, and it will either turn into a “sensational” trial or they will deny it as a factor altogether, possibly ruling for the defendant because the satanic element is just “too hard to believe.” Two, with the powerful False Memory Syndrome Foundation and other groups entrenched in the legal system, introduction of occult motive risks their getting involved. Prosecutors know no matter how deep the perpetrator was into satanism or the occult, it’s a red herring when you get to trial – LEAVE IT OUT is the new standard operating procedure.

So the actual “motive” that led to the charge of capital murder and conviction was largely a legal tool to ensure a successful prosecution; the satanic nature of the crime was simply left out. But make no mistake – it was there.

That was one extreme case – but in case after case I have been asked to consult on, when it got to court, it was the same – leave out the satanic angle. And frankly, I don’t care if a person is prosecuted on stealing a twinkie if there’s a murder or sexual assault of a child involved. I just want them put away. My only concern, is that in many of such cases, if the people involved are not fully informed about the intricacies and possibilities of a link up to other perpetrators in the satanic realm, then the “big picture” will be missed. Unfortunately, a member of a satanic criminal cartel would sooner die and rot in prison than break their oath, for the mere reason that the punishment – both actually and spiritually – of a “satanic traitor” is far worse than what prison alone will hand down, or even the death penalty. One particular “traitor” killed himself under the hammer of an oil pumpjack an hour after confessing to his witnessing a satanic murder rather than face that fate. Unfortunately, there’s no witness protection program for those wanting to sell the store on the satanic underground, that is, if there were a federal agency that actually believed it existed at all.

The other issue of “evidence” – that, if satanic crimes and murders and sacrificing are taking place, why isn’t there any forensic/physical evidence? To this I would tell you that there are any number of ways of disposing of evidence, as many of our informants and “runners” have told us. You can buy a portable crematorium for about $1500. Trucker’s lime pits where animal carcasses are disposed of is one way evidence could be disposed of. I could give you a map of a spot in Colorado which is a disposal site, but you’ll be dead before you get anywhere near, and not one single law enforcement officer who got the information wanted to risk that; in fact, every single officer who worked on that case dropped it because of death threats, dead animals on their front porches, etc. A crematorium, if owned by satanic criminals, would make a perfect disposal site. Can’t happen? Two words: Noble, Georgia. If something that bizarre can happen there, why is it so hard to believe those with evil intentions could use such an “in-house” source for their own purposes? Two cases I worked on of satanic practitioners had direct ties to crematoriums. The Mafia used cement shoes. More sophisticated criminals have an endless array of tools of disposal, well, at their disposal. Hopefully with ever-increasing DNA and forensics, evidence will be easier to find. Now the job is getting those tools to become pertinent regarding satanic-related crime investigations.

Are Satanic Crimes Rare?

Well, they’re rarely REPORTED. First of all, law enforcement is under no obligation to share everything they know or find about a case. Skeptics who “demand evidence” don’t understand the necessity for cases to be handled in-house without disclosing MANY details to the public.

As far as such cases being rare, that perception is because a true satanic-related case (such as Richard Ramirez the Night Stalker – whom I expect the skeptics to defend before it’s over – or Charlie Manson) become known because of the scope and horrendousness of the crimes they commit. Big cases get big publicity. Smaller cases, single slayings with satanic overtones or perpetrators, are not going to get press, because the satanic implications are not disclosed to the public.

Those that know me know I am an honest man, and those who don’t and are determined to disprove every case of satanic crime will just call me a storyteller. But I can assure you, after 14 years in this work, I have been exposed not just to dozens of true satanic crime cases, but hundreds more which have been conveyed to me by police officers, probation officers and other criminal justice workers. Rarely do I conduct an eight hour workshop on cult and occult crimes that someone does not speak to me after class, and sometimes even IN class, to relay a particular crime that they personally dealt with. Recently a veteran officer described to the class a case where a high-ranking member of an infamous satanic organization had moved into their small town, bought a trailer on the outside of town, and had a constant stream of young women coming and going from his trailer with blacked-out windows. One day he just disappeared – the same morning the police had found the body of a young woman laid out on a street corner – bloodless and dismembered in several neat pieces.

After giving my class in Ft. Stockton TX, a local judge took me aside at lunch said, “Son, they’ve been sending me bodies down the river for years marked up with satanic signs like you showed. I just didn’t know what they were till now.”

Rarely reported – yes. Rare – not.

When There is A Satanic Crime, It’s Just Crazy Sickos

That’s too easy. Everyone knows Charlie Manson is nuttier than a truckload of pralines: That’s a no-brainer. But how do you explain a Richard Ramirez? No history of mental illness, just dedicated to murdering for satan. One perpetrator had a military career, worked in a Veteran’s Hospital, and nobody had a clue until after his double murder that he was a Druid High Priest. No history of mental illness there, either. Most of the adolescents I have dealt with in probation, rehab hospitals or the penal system were close to brilliant, and they were lucid, purposed in their religious zeal for satan and no history of mental illness. After one class where I profiled one of the most vicious satanic slayings any of us had ever seen, a psychologist asked me to speculate about the man’s upbringing that would lead to his “condition” – I simply said, “Sir, you’ve never looked evil in the face before, have you? Because when you do, you understand some things cannot be analyzed or attributed to a psychological abnormality. They are just evil.” I’m sorry, but to dismiss these crimes as “just sickos” not only is inaccurate, but it denies the reality that evil can actually be well thought out and even organized: I.e., Hitler and the Nazis, i.e., Osama bin Laden and Al Queda. And if you add religious zeal behind the crimes, as we witnessed, it is all the more terrifying.

This is a Witch Hunt

I’m not after witches. They are free to do what they will, as long as they don’t break the law. I have for many years understood the difference between satanism, Wicca, and criminal occultists of many stripes. I know there are some misled Christians who assume witches do human sacrifices etc. And that is just bad information. I apologize for my brethren for that. But I assure you, the vast majority of the investigators, police officers, therapists, pastors, probation officers and others we once networked with had NO INTENTION on going “witch hunting.” It was about looking for real criminals who believed that to serve satan meant to commit crimes. That’s all.

I fear that the concern that all this is a “witch hunt” has just been a huge distraction. Even in the Memphis, Arkansas triple homicide of innocent children, the media (see HBO special “Paradise Lost 1 & 2) rewrote the facts to make it look like it was just a huge witch hunt. Again, there are advantages to having contacts with the original investigators – within half a day of the bodies being found, I faxed one of the prime investigators on the case with the words, “Is this what I think it is?” And his reply, immediately, was, “It is exactly what you think it is.” After the HBO spin, the one perpetrator, Damien Echols, had garnered the support of thousands of Wiccans across the country convincing them he was a falsely accused Wiccan and gaining their support for a retrial. Again, it helps to be close to the actual facts: Echols, at the same time he was wooing the Wiccans, had convinced a chaplain friend of mine he was a born-again Christian. The bottom line is, even the Wiccans need to be VERY careful to look at the facts rather than respond to fear, false assumptions and misinformation regurgitated by the media. 

Christian Fundamentalists Are Behind This Hysteria

No, not really. In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, the Christians in our ranks were not that many, and all of them understood very clearly they had to stay behind the boundary that separated their personal religious views and proper investigating. We dissociated ourselves from anyone who was in law enforcement that crossed that line. We did what we did because the crimes were there, not because we imagined it or it would be a neat way to reinforce our own fundamentalist ideas.

Criminal Satanists are Really Misled Christians Using Satanism As An Excuse

This is the Church of Satan’s idea, as well as Michael Aquino and the Temple of Set. Well, both these groups need to acknowledge that they are just the new kids on the block, little more than esoteric philosophical entities. I am willing to grant them their view that both organizations are made up of mostly law-abiding citizens who do not commit horrendous crimes. Certainly there has been little evidence to suggest otherwise. However, true satanic bloodletting groups have been in existence for centuries before either organization came to be. But the bottom line is, if a person is a true Christian, they will KEEP the law. Contrawise, if a person is a true satanist (not an Anton LaVey follower, who most of the time will be an atheist according to their philosophy) then they take it the whole way – it is the reversal and blaspheming of both the Christian faith and the ten commandments – and they will break ALL of the commandments. Including, “Thou shalt not murder.” If they do, well, they are just following THEIR true religion.

The FBI says Satanic Crime Is Nonexistent

With all due respect to the FBI, only one person has made this statement, the FBI’s Behavioral Science expert Ken Lanning. Although Mr. Lanning has done some fine work concerning pedophiles and crimes against children, I believe he has clearly missed the mark on his evaluation of satanic crime. In addition, making statements that far more people have died in the name of Christianity than satanism shows a little bit of bias on the subject in my opinion. The FBI denied for years the existence of the Mafia. In such a large organization, there are a lot of information gaps – as we have clearly seen during the 9/11 crisis. I grant Mr. Lanning sincerity in his belief, but as they say, he is sincerely wrong. I will take the word of the hundreds of police officers who have worked on actual satanic crimes rather than someone who is fairly removed from actual street work in this area. The FBI does not know everything. And if Al Queda can get away with what they did, believe me, more secretive organizations who have been around much longer can remain hidden as well. In addition, there have been a number of cases where, when the authorities got too close to uncovering the network, they were simply shut down by higher authorities. Here are two examples you can pursue on your own:

The Franklin Cover-Up by John DeCamp

Mr. DeCamp is a former Nebraska senator who uncovered one of the biggest cover-ups of satanic and pedophile child trade rings in American history. This book is an absolute necessity for ANYONE who wants to seriously investigate the truth in these matters. Although some scurrilous individuals have “attached” themselves to this case to promote their over-the-edge conspiracy theories and personal snake-oil businesses, after having traveled to Nebraska to meet with Mr. DeCamp and his investigator several years ago, I can recommend this book without reservation. You can find it at Amazon.com or click this link:


There was also a very important article on a case from the 1980’s that had some of the most serious and disturbing implications we’ve seen in a long time. It is a good example of how solid investigations get derailed by “invisible hands.” I have posted excerpts from the article here: Finders Case

All Survivors Have A History of Mental Illness

First this simply is not true. Second, if you were a child and suffered violent and repeated sexual abuse, constant terror, confusion and forced participation in ugly, evil rites including ingestion of blood, etc., don’t you think mental illness might possibly be the result in SOME? I say some, because the easy-out (besides “It’s false memories”) is, “They’re schizophrenic/paranoid, they have Muchausen-by-Proxy syndrome” or any other general catch-phrase, when in fact, most ritual abuse victims are void of THOSE catch-phrase diagnoses and instead usually fall under PTSD or Dissociative Identity Disorder. Schizophrenic Paranoia is a quantifiable disease, by the way, not some vague label of someone who “hears voices.” False Memory Syndrome isn’t really a recognized illness; it’s just a theory. In any event, a “history” of mental illness as they vaguely put it, if it is there, would seem to me not to take away from their stories, but add credibility to it.

Children May Have Been Abused, But Not By Satanists

Why the big rush for everyone to X satan out of the equation no matter what? You would think all those, especially those Christian “apologists” that go to such great lengths to PROVE satan had nothing to do with it were just great friends with the satanic community. My own approach is, “I don’t care if those who abuse the child were satanists or Christians or Buddhists – whatever the FACTS lend to, let’s pursue it.” The skeptics have no such tendency. If they even smell the words “satan” and “abuse” in the same sentence, they break their necks trying to prove it had nothing to do with satanism. Doesn’t that strike you as a bit biased, or obsessive, and at the very least, disingenuous toward truth? 

Children Make Up Stories of Satanic Abuse

I dealt firsthand with a dozen or so cases of ritually abused children in the late 1980’s. And I’ve reviewed dozens more that I didn’t actually have hands-on experience with. And it simply was not possible for the children to make up what they were saying. Especially with the children I personally worked with, they had no therapists with knowledge of ANY of the information the children were disclosing – and the vast body of information they did disclose matched with frightening detail the disclosures of the other children. You could not find ANY of the details they gave in a horror movie or television show. And in all of those cases, the children had NO ACCESS to outside information either from parent or therapist that would suggest they “shared stories.” (We are VERY careful to make sure there is NO “cross-contamination” of information in children or adult survivors.) 

It’s All False Memories

A whole cottage industry has grown up around this idea. Let me begin by saying I believe there are people who “make up stories.” No question about it. And there have been people who have been falsely accused. On a rare occasion, I have seen a therapist “lead” their clients to a false conclusion, sometimes based on the therapist’s own personal belief that this client was ritually abused. And every false allegation hurts those of us who are legitimately trying to document real cases. The amazing thing is that most of the detractor e-mail I get is from people who have done no real research, but simply quote from false memory proponents, and the thousands of web sites out there that quote them, and accept it as “proof” that all of this is a lie. There is a saying that if you repeat something, true or false, long enough and loud enough, people will accept it as truth regardless of the facts. Those who support the “false memory syndrome” idea and those who believe the idea of ritual abuse and satanism is nothing more than “village folklore” have, on their side, the fact that these powerful and well-financed groups have been able to blanket the internet with their information almost to the exclusion of opposing voices. And the average internet seeker will just read the first several listings on a search. I’m afraid, as good as the sites carrying the message about the reality of ritual abuse are, they just don’t have the pull or the voice or the power to push their way to the top of the internet dogpile the way the false memory people have. So in fact, facts be damned. Or at least, facts be so far down the list of things to read that whatever you pull up first – the loudest voice – will be taken as truth.

One very curious thing is that I, in all my work, have been more than willing to concede that there are false allegations, that some purported cases of ritual abuse were not real, that some crimes were labeled satanic when they were not; in other words, I’ve been willing to look at ALL the facts. Those who take the side of the false memory theory, the “satanic panic” skeptics, refuse to acknowledge even one piece of proof that satanism has been involved in any case with any child or any adult for any reason. So the possibility of “dialogue” is moot. It won’t happen.

I can only hope that those with honest hearts will search out the facts; the others, even if you produced a body of evidence, would simply throw it in the trash because it would make them question the very foundation of their zealous quest to disprove satanic crime.


Dr. Gregory R Reid