Below is a partial list of the criminal justice and law enforcement classes that Dr. Reid has conducted since 1988, as well as classes and workshops for various educational, state and local agencies, churches, youth outreaches and other civic groups, including medical personnel and therapeutic professionals: May 1988 – Speaker for West Texas probation conference, Alpine, TX (Nanda Gunn, sponsor) May 1988 – Participant in week long television special, “Kids in Satan’s Shadow”, for KMID, Midland, TexasMay-August 1988 – Speaker for several Midland/Odessa conferences and workshops including parent discussion group, parent support group, youth outreaches and trainer at workshop held at Odessa College. August 15-16 1988 – Attended and spoke at Occult Awareness conference in Temple, Texas, sponsored by Central Texas Council of Governments, Belton, Tx (Contact person Beth Stokes)June 8 1988 – Trainer for West Texas Regional probation class, El Paso TX (Stephen L Enders, Chief) October 1988 – Trainer for National Homicide Convention, Edmund, OK (Contact person Det. Chuck Goode, Edmund PD) January 1989 – Trainer for Corpus Christi Police Academy on Occult Crime (Contact Person David Cooke) February 1989 – Lecture at McClennan University, Waco, TX March 1989 – Speaker at Pinewood Hospital seminar on Occult Crime, Texarkana, TX (Contact person Judy Box) April 1989 – Lecture at Texas Southmost College, Brownsville, TX April 1989 – Guest on Geraldo Rivera concerning Matamoros murders October 1989 – Trainer for Killeen Police Academy conference on Occult Crimes, Killeen, Texas (Contact person, Walker Veal) May 1990 – Trainer for Beaumont Probation on occult crimes (Contact person, Jules Franklin) October 1990 – Trainer for Webb County Occult/Ritualistic Crime seminar, Laredo, TX (Contact person, Javier Ramirez) October, 1990 – Trainer for Killeen Police Academy Ritualistic Crime seminar, Killeen, TX (Contact person, Beth Stokes) July 1991 – Speaker at Ritualistic Crime seminar, Killeen, TX sponsored by Central Texas Council of Governments (Contact person, Beth Stokes)  April 1991 – Trainer on ritualistic Crime for North Texas/South Oklahoma Ritual Crime Network, Vernon State Hospital, Vernon TX (Contact person, Ofc. Joe Clements, DPS)November 1991 – Trainer at Texas Narcotics Officer’s Association conference, Conroe, TX February 1992 – Guest on Montel Williams show February 20-21 1992 – Trainer for Teen Sexual Exploitation for Central Texas Council of Governments, Belton, TX April 3-4, 1992 – Presenter on cult crimes for CASA volunteers, Norman, OK, speaker at cult crime workshop in Lawton, OK November 1992 – Co-host and speaker for first National Cult Intervention Network conference, Houston, TX 1989 – 1990 – Consultant on cult-involved teens at Crossroads Rehab, Big Springs, TX (Contact person, Dan Weise) November 1993 – Trainer at 2nd NCIN conference, Houston, TX April 1994 – Presenter for Big Spring TX Rape Crisis Center on sexual abuse April 1994, 1995 – Speaker at P.A.V.E. Victims of Violent Crime conferences, Oklahoma City, OK October, 1994- Speaker at various High Schools and Middle Schools in Killeen, Texas and surrounding communities on sexual abuse and cults, sponsored by Communities In Schools January, 1996 – Speaker and presenter at the annual Governor’s Conference, Austin, TX March, 1997 – Speaker for El Paso Children’s’ Advocacy Center on sexual abuse of boys and ritual crimes (Contact person, Det. Doris Provencio, El Paso P.D.) April 21-22 1997 – Presenter for Northwest Regional Training Seminar at Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls, TX on cult crimes and male sexual abuse. November 1997 – April 1998 – Training on cult crimes and predatory sex crimes for the following probation departments: Harris County Probation, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Austin, Texas City, Banderas County. March 23-27 1998 – Trainer for Killeen ISD national conference on cult crimes, predatory crimes and hate groups.April 1998 – Training for El Paso Juvenile Probation @ EPPD Pebble Hills substation. April 1998 – Training for Sweetwater, TX Criminal Justice officials and countywide probationers. March 22-23 1999 – Denton County Texas Probation trainingApril 14th 1999 – Training for Amarillo TX Juvenile Probation Department May 17th 1999 – Two hour training on satanic gangs for the Texas Attorney General’s Gang Task Force training, South Padre Island, TX June 6-11, 1999 – Trainer on cult crimes and sexual predators for “Controlling School Violence in the New Millenium” conference for CTCOG and Killeen ISD. August 1999 – Speaker for two day workshop for survivors & therapists in St. Louis MO for South County Christian Counseling Center. September 9th 1999 – Cult crime training for Texas Attorney General’s Gang Task Force, State Capitol, Austin TX. September 27-28, 1999 – Two day training for Central Texas Council of Governments rural training seminars for law enforcement and probation officers in Copperas Cove, TX, on Cult Crimes and Predatory Sexual abuse & Internet Child Exploitation October 8th, 1999 – Received honorary dorcorate from Logos Graduate School in Jacksonville, Florida October 21, 1999 – 8 hour training on cult crimes for probation officers for Solutions,2000 in Galveston, TX. November 6-7, 1999 – Two day workshops for pastors and counselors in Albuquerque, NM on cult crimes and predatory sexual abuse of children. December 22, 1999 – 2 hour training at Los Angeles Police Department Behavioral Science office for psychologists, chaplains and others. February 17th, 2000 – Cult Crimes 8 hour workshop for probation officers in Austin, TX, for Solutions 2000. April 7-9, 2000 – Speaker at Denver Colorado Cult and Secret Societies conference.  April 11th, 2000 – 4 hour cult crime workshop for Texas Probation Association’s Annual Convention, El Paso TX. April 19th, 2000 – 4 hour cult crime workshop for Texas Intensive Supervision Probation annual conference, San Antonio TX. April 28th, 2000 – 8 Hour cult cime workshop for probation officers, Waco, TX, for Solutions 2000. May 4-6 – 3 day training for Central Texas Council of Governments / Temple Police Department on Cult Crimes, Sexual Exploitation of Children and Internet Crimes and community awareness issues. May 20-21, 2000 – 2 day workshop & pastoral service at Peninsula Christian Center, Redwood City, CA. June 1-3, 2000 – Cult Crimes & Secret Societies Conference, St. Louis MO. June 5-9, 2000 – Controlling School Violence in the New Millenium conference, Killeen, TX, in conjunction with Killeen ISD and Central Texas Council of Governements. June 12-16, 2000 – Counselor for pre-teen camp, Mountain Aire, NM, for Assemblies of God youth camp.  July 11-12, 2000 – Speaker for Texas Crime Prevention Association annual conference, Austin Texas. August 10th 2000 – Day training for Texoma Council of Governments, Sherman TX on cult crimes. Contact person: Beverly Shongar, TCOG. September 13th 2000 – 2 hour class for El Paso pretrial services. Contact person: Joe Calamia. September 18th 2000 – Day training on cult crimes for Montgomery County Juvenile Probation, Conroe, TX. September 27th 2000 – 3 hour training on cult crimes for Texas Juvenile Probation Association, South Padre Island, TX. October 19th 2000 – Day training for Tyler Probation Department (Solutions 2000 sponsored) Tyler, TX. October 27-28  2000 – 2 day training on cult crimes and sexual exploitation of boys and adolescent males for Central Texas Council of Governments, Gatesville, TX. November 16th 2000 – 2 hour workshop for El Paso joint task force / Youth Initiative Program for educators, law enforcement &  parents. March 10th 2001 – 2 hour presentation of pedophile crimes for El Paso Headstart conference. Contact: Lourdes Fernandez, Region 19. April 9th 20001 – Annual Probation Conference, Del Largo TX April 10th 2001 – Angleton TX Juvenile Probation training on cult crimes May 4th – Speaker for annual STARS conference, El Paso TX May 15-16 2001 – 2 day training on cult crimes for Dallas County Juvenile Probation Department July 10th 2001 – Speaker for annual Texas Department of Criminal Justice conference, Austin TXAugust 29th 2001- 8 hour occult crime training for McLennan County Probation, Waco, TX September 28th 2001 – 2 hour occult crime training for Texas Gang Investigators, El Paso TX. October 26th-28th 2001 – 3 day tri-church workshop and youth outreach in Redwood City, CA – Peninsula Christian Center, Harvest Christian Center, and Arabic Christian Fellowship. October 31st 2001 – Occult Awareness Night, St Matthew Lutheran Church, El Paso TX February 22nd, 2002 – Youth Outreach at Nuevo Pacto Iglesias, El Paso TX March 14-15 2002 – 2 day workshop for law enforcement, probation officers, social workers on occult crimes and sexual abuse of boys, Lampasas, TX – hosted by Central Texas Council of Governments.March 27th 2002 – 8 hour workshop on occult crimes for Denton County Probation Department/ Texas Women’s University, Denton, TX. (Contact: Jerry Alexander, Denton Probation Department.) April 26th – 8 hour workshop for North Texas State College Criminal Justice Department, Gainsville, TX   May 21st 2002 – 3 hour workshop for Texas Juvenile Probation Department, South Padre Island TX Conference – (Contact: Denise Askea) June 17th-21st 2002 – Speaker for 5 day youth retreat at Ceta Canyon Methodist Camp, Amarillo, TX – (Contact: Virgil Feinsod, youth pastor) June 30th 2002 – Youth Outreach at Iglesia del Dios Vivo, El Paso, TX September 6-th-8th – Speaker at 3rd annual Ritual Abuse Trauma Conference, St. Louis, MO January  6-8 2003 – Ritual crime & trauma conference, Montpeilier, Ohio, youth rally April 14th 2003 – Texas Juvenile Justice Conference workshop, Corpus Christi, TX May 22nd, 2003 – Juvenile Justice Association of Texas Conference workshop, South Padre Island, Texas June 11th, 2003 – Richmond TX Juvenile Probation Department 8 hour workshop on Cult and Occult Crimes  Formerly under contract to provide training on cult crimes & pedophile crimes for Solutions, 2000, Houston, TX. Additional:  Dr. Reid has done several dozen additional workshops for local El Paso probation classes, including adult, juvenile and Federal probation, and dozens of similar workshops throughout Texas for educators, EMS, therapists, pastors, youth workers and other professionals  since 2003, including speaking twice for the state Texas Juvenile Probation conferences in 2007 and 2008. (Contact person: Anthony Welebob)